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kuronzavtrack, trace; search for s.t. following a track or footprints7.6.1Search7.2.6Pursue6.4.1.1Track an animal6.4.1Hunt3.2.2.1Study

kusakavsearch; hunt for information or news with keen interest7.6.1Search3.5.2.2News, message

ku̱hi̱i̱gav1search thoroughly for s.t. that you wantSynku̱toolya7.6.1Search7.2.6Pursue6.4.1Hunt7.6.2Find2hunt; go into the bush to look for animals to kill or birds to stone7.2.6Pursue6.4.1Hunt

kwagyavfind, discover; get s.t. that you have been looking for or that had got lost7.6.1Search3.2.3.1Known, unknown7.6.2Find

kwazavsearch; examine a particular place when looking for s.b. or s.t., or to examine s.b.’s clothes, their pockets, bags, etc. in order to find s.t. that they may be hiding7.6.1Search4.6.6.1Police