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kuliravcry, weep; shed tears due to disappointment or angerSynku̱geegeetaku̱hembeetakuhooronga3.4.2.3Angry3., tearkuliriiravcry, beg for; plead very much when asking for s.t.3.3.2Request6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask4.8.4.2Make an appeal

kusaalirwav1be disappointed, worried; be without happinessSynkuzingala3. bad3.4.2.1Sad2become annoyed3. ofkusaaliza

kuzingalavbe sad, annoyed for having been abused, beaten, not achieving a hope, etc.Synkusaalirwa

mwenob̯u̱beenob̯u̱nfrustrated person; s.b. who despises himself due to failure to achieve what he has consistently been hoping for3.