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kurabahovby-pass or pass over s.t. and leave it behind or asideSynkwakala past, over, throughkuraba mu kintuvexperience s.t.; undergo6.1.8Experienced4.4.2.6Suffer3.2.2Learn9.1.2.1Happenkurabamuv1achieve; do s.t. and succeed6.1.3.2Succeed2move, pass, walk through s.t. from this end to the other end7.2.3.5Move past, over, through3revise; look again at work that you have done3. something8. via8.5.2Direction9. (of movement) past, over, throughku̱rabyavpass s.t. from one person to another7.4.1Give, hand to7.3.1.1Throwku̱rabyahov1help s.b. to be successful in a competition, interview, examination, etc.; deceive4.3.5.1Dishonest6.8.9Dishonest financial practices4.3.5.4Unreliable3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheatku̱rabyaho biragirovlegislate; make and pass laws4.7.2Pass lawsku̱rabyamu mei̱sovscan; skim, glance over s.t. quickly but not very carefully in order to get its rough picture3.5.7.3Read2.3.1.1Look

kusoma1vread, study, learn; look at and understand the meaning of written or printed wordsSynkupenakwega 23.5.7Reading and writing3.5.7.3Read3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Studykusoma maapuvstudy a given map7.2.4.8Map2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studykusomeera mulimovspecialise in one work6.9.2Work for someone

ku̱geeteeravread with pauses; be unable to read fluently3.5.7.3Read

ku̱rabyamu mei̱sopass the eyesvscan; skim, glance over s.t. quickly but not very carefully in order to get its rough picture3.5.7.3Read2.3.1.1Lookder. ofkurabaho

mu̱somi̱basomi̱n1pupil, student; s.b. who attends schoolSynmwegi̱3.6.2School3.6Teach3.2.2Learn2reader3.5.7.3Read