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kyemubyemunstature, physique; physical structure of s.b. e.g., tallness, shortness, thinness, etc.Synkyonko2.1Body2.4Body condition

kyonkoadjbig, large; being in good healthy condition as illustrated by big body volumeSynkyemu2.1Body8.2.2.2Tall2.4Body condition

mbi̱mbambi̱mbanstyle of a building; the way in which s.t. is built9.5.1.3Means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method6.5.1Building4.3.9.1Custommbi̱mba gya muntunhuman figure; appearance of s.b.’s body8.3.1Shape2.1Body2Person2.

mbi̱mba gya muntumbi̱mba za bantunhuman figure; appearance of s.b.’s body8.3.1Shape2.1Body2Person2. ofmbi̱mba

mubirimibirinbody; entire structure of a human that feels pain, has flesh and blood and has an image2.1Bodymubiri gubiibinMetaphor. misfortune, bad luck, usually just occasionallySynmu̱gi̱sa gubiibi4.4.5Chance4.4.5.2Unluckymubiri gwa hakati̱ntorso; middle part of the body without the head, arms or legs2.1.2Torso