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b̯uli mwakaadvyearly, annually; after every twelve months8.4.1.1Calendar8.4.1.6Yearder. ofb̯uli

b̯ulimandisability, abnormality; state of having an improperly formed part of the body due to nature or injury2.5.4.5Birth defect2.5.4Disabled

b̯ulimenfield that has already been dug or well prepared but in which nothing has yet been planted6.2.2Land preparation

b̯ulimiriirwanfrugality; not wanting to use s.t. that you have, being economical, not willing to spend on anything, even if it is cheap6.8.2.4Frugal

kicweka kya kusuub̯uliramubicweka bya kusuub̯uliramunbusiness place6.9Business organizationder. ofkicweka

kyab̯ulikirobyab̯ulikiro1ndaily event; s.t. that occurs every day8., common, normal, universal, general; s.t. that is not new to people8.3.5.3Common9. general8.1.5.4Most, almost all8.

b̯u̱kya-b̯u̱kyevar.b̯u̱kye-b̯u̱kyeadvdaily; every day without missing any daysSynb̯uli kiro