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b̯wecu̱mi̱Runyoroncleanliness, neatness, tidiness; not being dirty or messySynb̯uyonjo5.4.5Anoint the body5.4Adornment5.6.1Clean, dirty4.3.6.2Tidy2.

b̯wemi̱1nwidth, diameter; extent of s.t. from side to sideSynb̯ugali8.2.8Measure8.2.4Wide

b̯wendereeryanstubbornness, nuisance; interruption of s.b. who is trying to workSynb̯u̱gadyab̯u̱tali̱bani̱zi̱

b̯wenyu̱proyour, yours (for 2 or more people)9.2.3Pronouns

b̯wesigwavar.b̯wesigentrust; sincerity of fulfilling an agreement, saying the truth, delivering a message, etc.

b̯wetagu̱nvery strong violent emotion characterised by lack of calmness, reason, etc. esp. due to s.b. being annoyed4.8.2.8Violent3.4Emotion

b̯weteekeri̱nunprincipled behaviour; conduct of s.b. who does not have strong beliefs about what is right and wrongSynb̯u̱matamaataari̱ 1b̯untwarwa3.2.1.4Stupid

b̯wetegerezi̱n1intelligence; ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things3.2.1.3Intelligent6.1.1.1Expert2responsibleness; sensibleness4.3.1Good, moral4.3.1.3Mature in behavior4.3.5.3Reliable4.

b̯u̱gadyanstubbornness, nuisance; act of interrupting s.b. who is trying to workSynb̯u̱tali̱bani̱zi̱b̯wendereerya3.