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alungualungun1creeping herb sp. that grows among grass its tips are eaten as greens1.5.2Bush, shrub2vegetable sauce made from ‘alungu’ a creeping plant sp. that has long fruit that are woolly like cotton5. from vegetables5.2.3.4Prepared food

BagehyaMu̱gehyanname of a tribe9.7.1.4Tribal names

bangevar.bei̱promy; mine9.2.3Pronouns

bbandeeji̱bbandeeji̱Englishnbandage; soft piece of cloth for tying around a wound2.5.7Treat disease

bbaraafubbaraafunrefrigerator; device that uses electricity or kerosene for keeping food and drinks cold8.3.4.1Cold8.

bbegeri̱mabbegeri̱nleopard; wild carnivore that resembles a cat, with a long tail and black and brown spotsPanthera pardus1.

bicuucuukekicuucuukenrubbish, trash, garbage; things that have no value that s.b. sweeps from a house, courtyard, etc. and gathers them and burns themSynbisasiro8.


bi̱kwete bi̱sengeejenbrew made from maize flour that is fermented, mingled or made from fermented cassava, pounded into flour and mingled like posho then yeast added5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drinkder. ofbi̱kwete

bi̱nti̱geneyebrows; hair that is on the face above the eyes2.1.1.1Eye

bisasirokisasirongarbage, trash, rubbish; any waste that you throw awaySynbicuucuuke8.

bi̱teekani̱zi̱bi̱i̱rweki̱teekani̱zi̱bi̱i̱rwenthings that have been organised, arranged, or prepared4.3.6.2Tidy6.1.2.6Prepare7.5.5Organize6. something for use

bitengukitengunlingerie; female underwear5.3.2Women's clothing

b̯u̱cu̱leeru̱nhumbleness, politeness, calmness, tranquillity, gentleness, serenity; not stubborn, noisy, rough, quarrelsome or interested in fighting, not talking much and not willing to show opinionSynb̯u̱holu̱b̯u̱teeku̱b̯u̱tesi̱, timid4.3.1Good, moral4.3.2.2Humble4.4.4.3Gentle4.3.7Polite3.

b̯udulun1maleness2.6.5.1Man2.6.5Male, female1.6.7Male and female animals2male genitals, private parts of the body of the male person2.1.8.3Male organs

b̯u̱fu̱mbonmarriage; relationship between a husband and wife2.6.1Marriage

b̯u̱genyi̱̱genyi̱magenyi̱nparty, banquet, feast, celebration; gathering of people where there is eating, drinking, dancing and speeches5.2.2.3Feast4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrate4.2.2Social eventb̯u̱genyi̱ b̯wa kubyalwanbirthday celebration2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrate4.2.2Social event

b̯ugolenmarriage party, ceremony; part of a marriage that is arranged on the wedding day2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriage

b̯u̱handu̱n1age; maturity, being mature or the period for which s.t. has existed8.4.1.7Era4.3.1.3Mature in behavior8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.4Adult2title, rank, status, seniority; position that s.b. has on the job, in society, etc.4.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class4.5.5.1Title, name of honor8.2.8Measure

b̯uheerezanservice; agency that performs an activity that the public needs4.5.4.3Serve