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BagwereMu̱gwerenname of a tribe9.7.1.4Tribal names

b̯ugwembegwembenshame; feeling of guilt, embarrassment that s.b. has when he knows that s.t. he has done is wrong or stupidSynnsoni̱

b̯ugwenyukagwenyuAlurnitchy skin rash that s.b. develops, esp. around the fingers, the elbows and on the buttocks, e.g. scabiesSynb̯ulehe2.5.2.2Skin disease2.5.6Symptom of disease

b̯ugweteninherited headship; leadership that is given to s.b. after his father’s death2.6.6.7Inherit

byegwekyegwenhearsay, gossip; information passed around by word of mouth that may or may not be trueSynbiweere3.
gwevar. ofgwamwe

gwenyu̱proyour, yours (for 2 or more people)9.2.3Pronouns

gwetu̱proour, ours9.2.3Pronouns

ihangweadvmidday, noon; time in the day when the sun is extremely hot8. of the day

kanyagwebakanyagwenenemy; s.b. who hates, harms, acts, or speaks against s.b., e.g., s.b. who prevents you from being successfulSynmunyanzigwamwani̱ontamuhiira

ki̱gwererezi̱bi̱gwererezi̱naccident; event that just comes suddenly and unexpectedly resulting into injury, pain, loss or destruction of thingsSynb̯utaateb̯utandwa4.4.2Trouble2.5.3Injure4.4.2.3Accident4.4.2.2Danger

kingwerabingwerandisaster; catastrophe that comes unexpectedly, esp. due to the forces of nature that results in adverse effects, e.g., earthquake, floods, famine, an outbreak of an epidemic like cholera, etc.4.4.2Trouble4.4.2.3Accident4.4.2.4Disaster

kitebe kya mugwetebitebe bya bagwetencarved seat, used in a house, about thirty cm long with a round sitting part sat on by an heir during a succession ceremonySynki̱teerya5.1.1.2Chairder. ofntebe

kugwerav1fall down onto s.t. down7. kidnap; take a girl by force in order to marry herSynkuhamba ofku̱gwa

kugwerekeeravrest exhausted; sit or lie down due to extreme tiredness without wanting to wake up2.4.5Rest2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

kugwetaventhrone, make heir; cause a child to sit in the deceased position of his late father2.6.6.7Inherit4.6.1Ruler4.6.1.1King's familykugweterwavinherit; be given the responsibility of taking care of the possessions of the deceased2.6.6.7Inheritkugwetwavbe made the heir2.6.6.7Inherit

kugweterwavinherit; be given the responsibility of taking care of the possessions of the deceased2.6.6.7Inheritder. ofkugweta

kugwetwavbe made the heir2.6.6.7Inheritder. ofkugweta

kyegweci̱byegweci̱nstirring stick; small piece of wood of about half a metre carved in the shape of a rowing stick used for mingling posho or stirring in sauce1.5.5Parts of a plant5.2.1.3Cooking utensil

mugira hagugwereramigira hamigwereranestuary, delta; place where a river joins another water body, e.g., a lake1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1.3River1.3.1Bodies of waterder. ofmugira

mugwetebagwetenheir; child who takes over the title of his father when he dies2.6.6.7Inherit