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b̯ugali b̯wa kintu kyeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱b̯ugali b̯wa bintu byeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱ncircumference8.2.5Big area8.3.1.6Roundder. ofb̯ugali

b̯u̱kya-b̯u̱kyevar.b̯u̱kye-b̯u̱kyeadvdaily; every day without missing any daysSynb̯uli kiro

kicweka kya kintu kyeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱bicweka bya bintu byeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱narc; a continuous portion of a circle8.3.1.6Round8.1.2.1Mathematicsder. ofkicweka

kicweka kyeihangabicweka byeihanganregion; one of the parts of a country4.6.7.3Countryside8.5.4Area4.6.7Regionder. ofkicweka

kinyama ki̱syanu̱ kyeiginabinyama bi̱syanu̱ bya maginanegg white; part of an egg that is in fluid form and becomes white after it is cooked5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients1.6.3.1Eggder. ofigina

kiragiro ki̱handu̱ kyeihangabiragiro bi̱handu̱ byeihanganset of rules that the government follows to direct people4.7Law4.7.8Legal contract4.7.1Lawsder. ofkiragiro

kiragiro kyeihanga ki̱takarabi̱i̱rwehobiragiro byeihanga bi̱takarabi̱i̱rwehonbill of parliament4.7.1Lawsder. ofkiragiro

kukyekyemukavlaugh extremely loudly and continuously3.5.6.4Laugh

kukyenavcurse; wish evil, calamity, destruction or injury on s.b.Synkujuma

kumaata kyesevmould pots from clay or mudSynkub̯umba kyese6.6.2.4Working with clayder. ofkumaata

kwakyendi̱var.hakyendi̱advup, on top, above, high up, upwards; not at a lower position8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.6.2Top8.2.6.3High8.

kwekyetyavbrush; come into contact with s.t., esp. while bypassing2.3.5Sense of touch8.5.1.5Touching, contact7.3.4.1Touch

kyakei̱za kyensei̱interjwhatever; a reply used when you are saying that it does not matter what s.b. does or what happens, because you do not care or mind about what the results will be or that you are not interested in what they are talking about4.3.3.2Not care
kyevar. ofkyamwe

kyebbalibyebbalinblister, callus; blister or toughened patch of skin that is left on the inside part of the hand after doing some hard work like slashing, digging, pulling s.t. tightly, etc. disease2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin

kyebboorobyebboorondomestic basket woven like a mat used as a bowl for serving food, esp. posho6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container

kyebererwanforgetfulness; habit of forgetting very fast3.2.6.1Forget