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b̯uhuhun1lightweight state8.2.9.2Light in weight2easiness, simpleness; lack of difficulty that makes s.t. easy to be done7.5.8Simple, complicated6.1.3.1Easy, possible

hakati̱advbetween8.6.5Middle8.̱ b̯waadjintervening; time taken between one event to another event on the same occasion8.4.1Period of time8.4.7.3Intervalhakati̱ weihangaadjinland8.6.4Inner part1.2.1Landkyahakati̱adj1centre; middle8.6.5Middle2average; typical; normal8.1.5.9Average8.

kihuhuadj1easy, simple; s.t. not difficult that is easy to doSynkiceke 2kyangu7.5.8Simple, complicated6.1.3.1Easy, possible2lightweight8.2.9.2Light in weight

kitwekeranobitwekeranonillegitimate child; offspring who has been produced outside a marriage relationshipSynmwana mutweke4.1.9.5Illegitimate child

ku̱di̱i̱sya mu̱twevIdiom. be a problem to s.b. because you either hardly understand or hardly respond to what you have been asked to do6. against authority3.2.4.1Misunderstandder. ofkudya1

kutweka1vimpregnate; make a woman conceive2.6.3.1Pregnancy2.6.2Sexual relationskutwekwavbe impregnated, resulting in conception and pregnancy2.6.3.1Pregnancy2.6.2Sexual relations

kutweka2vgive s.t. to s.b. for them to deliver it for you somewhereSynkutuma7.2.8Send someone7.3.3.3Sendkutweka bbaruhavpost mail3.5.7.7Letter

kutwekwavbe impregnated, resulting in conception and pregnancy2.6.3.1Pregnancy2.6.2Sexual relationsder. ofkutweka1

kwetwekavcarry s.t. up, esp. on the head7.3Move something7.3.1Carry7.3.8Transportder. ofku̱tweka

matwantwensaliva; liquid found in the mouth that helps you swallow food or that you spit out, esp. when you have smelt s.t. with a bad odour2.2.3Spit, saliva

mubagamibagan1brown lateral line in the flesh of a herring1.6.2.3Parts of a fish2garden boundary; line that demarcates garden plots made out of reeds, sisal, or certain plants7.3.6.3Limit6.5.4.2Boundary6.5.1.3Land, property8.6.6Edge

mu̱twe gwa lunonomi̱twe mya nononfingertip; toe tip2.1.3.3Finger, toeder. oflunono

mu̱twe1mi̱twen1head; part of the body on top of the neck containing the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and brain2.1.1Head2prow; front part of a boat7.

mwana mutwekebaana batwekenillegitimate child; offspring who has been produced outside a marriage relationshipSynkitwekerano4.1.9.5Illegitimate childder. ofmwana

mwetweki̱beetweki̱nporter; s.b. whose job is to carry people’s loads6.9.2Work for someone7.3.1Carry6.1.1Worker6.6Occupation

mwetwekomyetwekonload, burden; goods that are tied together into s.t. that s.b. or a vehicle carries on a journeySynkibbambukiguguki̱zi̱go7.5.9.1Load, pile7.3.1Carry7.3.8Transport