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ab̯ukiadv. 1two days before today; the day that was before yesterday[ - Yesterday, today, tomorrow] 2two days from today; the day that follows tomorrowSyn:kyosi̱ mwakya. [ - Yesterday, today, tomorrow]
Acooli̱n. name of a region[ - Names of regions]
Afirika English n. name of a continent; Africa[ - Names of continents]
Agutan. 1name of a mountain[ - Names of mountains] 2name of a person[ - Personal names]
akugwerabakugweran. deputySyn:muhondera, akwi̱raho. [ - Help]
akukwatwahobakukwatwahon. accomplice; s.b. who helps s.b. commit a crime[4.7.3 - Break the law], [ - Help]
akurab̯waho See main entry: kurabarab̯wa
akwi̱raho See main entry: mwi̱ra
alekeconj. so that[ - Order, sequence], [ - Purpose ], [8.4.5 - Relative time], [ - Result], [ - Markers of transition ], [ - Sentence conjunctions], [ - After]
alungualungun. 1creeping herb sp. that grows among grass its tips are eaten as greens[1.5.2 - Bush, shrub] 2vegetable sauce made from ‘alungu’ a creeping plant sp. that has long fruit that are woolly like cotton[ - Food from vegetables], [ - Prepared food]
Ankolen. name of a region[ - Names of regions]
Aruan. name of a city[ - Names of cities]
aru̱kwerabaru̱kwera Runyoro n. holy person[4.3.1 - Good, moral], [ - Devout], [ - Dedicate to religious use], [ - Meet a standard], [ - Religious purification], [ - Perfect], [ - Right, proper]
asi̱di̱asi̱di̱ English n. acid[ - Working with chemicals], [ - Poison]
Au̱su̱tu̱reerya English n. name of a continent; Australia[ - Names of continents]
azagabaazagan. 1disorderly person; s.b. who is not orderly[ - Ugly], [ - Disorganized], [ - Untidy] 2man who acts like a boy[ - Immature in behavior], [4.1.2 - Types of people] 3woman who acts like a girl[ - Immature in behavior], [4.1.2 - Types of people]