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bevar. of baamwe
beikirizamwikirizan. congregation[ - Meeting, assembly], [ - Crowd, group], [4.2.1 - Come together, form a group], [7.5.1 - Gather], [ - Meet together]
beirabainterj. please[ - Honorifics ], [3.3.2 - Request], [3.3.4 - Ask permission], [ - Prompters of attention ], [ - Hortative]
bei̱var. of bange
bei̱tu̱conj. but; nevertheless; however[ - Concession], [ - But], [ - Except], [ - Markers of transition ], [ - Phrase conjunctions], [9.2.5 - Conjunctions]
beenyu̱pro. your, yours (for 2 or more people)[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
beetu̱pro. our, ours[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
bibemben. leprosy; infectious disease that causes painful white areas on the skin and can destroy nerves and fleshSyn:bihaga. [ - Skin disease]
bibidem. these ones[ - Demonstrative pronouns]
bibiri bya kasatunum. two thirds[ - Fraction], [ - Part]
bibbaaken. fermented cassava or cassava and maize flour used for preparing alcohol[ - Alcohol preparation]
bicokon. Metaphor.craving, desire; extreme anxiety to do s.t. Syn:lwaga, bijogomeera, rwanju, meero, murusi, nyoota, ijani, kihika, mu̱koi̱jo, iroho. [ - Lust], [ - Impatient], [3.3 - Want]
bicuucuukekicuucuuken. rubbish, trash, garbage; things that have no value that s.b. sweeps from a house, courtyard, etc. and gathers them and burns themSyn:bisasiro. [ - Garbage]
bicweka bya nsoni̱ See main entry: nsoni̱
bicwocwokicwocwon. reservations; mixed feelings[ - Unsure], [ - Doubt], [3.4 - Emotion]
bidyokidyon. food; things that people or animals eat[5.2 - Food]
bidyo bya muzizo See main entry: bidyo
bigaalikigaalin. larger crack than ‘nkyakya’ that forms on a heel from which blood can ooze especially during the time of the ‘ndaawe’ windSyn:bi̱si̱ka. [ - Skin disease], [7.8.2 - Crack]
biguunan. scalp infection; disease the head and makes the upper layer of skin peel off like scales[ - Skin disease], [2.5.2 - Disease], [2.1.1 - Head]
bigwokigwon. wrestling; game of holding s.b. and strongly struggle with him, so that you throw or pin him on the ground[ - Sports]
bihaga(Var. nyaakihaga; bi̱nyakyei̱haga) n. leprosy; infectious disease that causes painful white areas on the skin and can destroy nerves and fleshSyn:bibembe. [ - Skin disease]
bihulungakihulungan. chaff; outer covering of grain seeds that is separated from the grain by winnowing before it is eaten.[ - Remain, remainder], [ - Winnow grain], [1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
bijogomeerakijogomeeran. lust; extreme desire for s.t.Syn:lwaga, rwanju, meero, murusi, nyoota, ijani, kihika, mu̱koi̱jo, iroho, bicoko. [ - Lust], [3.3 - Want], [ - Like, love], [ - Interested]
bikakakikakan. clouds; water in form of visible particles, like smoke, that floats in the sky[ - Cloud]