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bbu̱langi̱ti̱bbu̱langi̱ti̱ English n. blanket; heavy sheet made from wool, used esp. for spreading on a bed to provide warmth[ - Bed]
bbu̱lawu̱zi̱mabbu̱lawu̱zi̱ English n. blouse[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing]
bbu̱lu̱ English adj. blue colour[ - Colors of the spectrum], [ - Color]
bbu̱ngan. game that you score by the use of legs[ - Sports], [ - Game], [4.2.7 - Play, fun]
bbu̱ngu̱bbu̱ngu̱n. spirits; locally made white liquor[ - Alcoholic beverage], [ - Beverage], [ - Drink]
bbu̱reeki̱bbu̱reeki̱ English n. brake; device for slowing or stopping a vehicle[ - Vehicle]
bbu̱ru̱ru̱ English n. blue dye; blueing agent used to dye white clothes[ - Colors of the spectrum], [ - Change color], [ - Color]
bbu̱u̱li̱bbu̱u̱li̱n. roll of twine or cord, ball of string; single thin pieces of thread or string twisted together[ - Rope, string]
bbu̱u̱ri̱mabbu̱u̱ri̱n. bushbuck; wild animal with hindquarters slightly high, bush tail and straight hornsTragelaphus scriptus [ - Hoofed animals]
bbu̱u̱wa(Var. mmo) interj. Idiophone.cry of a cow [ - Cattle], [9.2.8 - Idiophones], [ - Animal sounds]
bbwoyamabbwoyan. steinbok; small wild even-toed hoofed animal, brown, short straight horns, long legs, higher at the hindquarters than at the fore, black nose and white under parts of the mouth and inside of earsRaphicerus campestris [ - Hoofed animals]