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nyantapara mukyenu See main entry: mukyenu
Nyanzi̱gen. name of a person[ - Personal names]
nyaabyongomanyaabyongon. turtle; reptile with a shell on its body like a tortoise, lives in water and pulls its head, feet and tail into its shell when in dangerSyn:geeri. Chelonia mydas [ - Turtle]
nyaaki̱mwei̱banyaaki̱mwei̱n. only son[ - One], [ - Alone], [ - Separate, alone], [ - Personally], [ - Only]
Nyaalokoli̱banyaalokoli̱n. name of a clan[ - Clan names]
nyaalokoli̱banyaalokoli̱n. grass sp. that resembles what is called ‘mwaru’ except that it has small black sharp points and it mostly grows in dry areas[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
nyaanimanyaanin. arrow; thin stick or metal with a sharp point at one end that is shot from a bow[ - Weapon, shoot]
nyenzenyenzen. cockroach; large brown insect with wings, that stays in houses, esp. in darkness and in dirty places[ - Insect]
nyeerabyan. behavioural code, principles, values; the way that s.b. behaves, esp. towards other people[ - Nature, character], [4 - Social behavior], [3.1.1 - Personality], [4.3 - Behavior], [ - Reputation]
nyeetwalan. personality, habits, behaviour, conduct; the way s.b. livesSyn:ngesu, nzicala, kikorwa. [3.2.8 - Tendency], [ - Nature, character], [4 - Social behavior], [ - Habit], [3.1.1 - Personality], [4.3 - Behavior], [ - Reputation], [ - Custom]
nyinawunyinawun. Taboo.uterus; female organ where a baby grows before it is born [ - Female organs], [ - Fetus]
nyineekabanyineekan. family head; usually a man who takes full charge of the affairs of a family[5.8 - Manage a house], [4.1.9 - Kinship]
nyi̱i̱nyanyi̱i̱nyan. large female ant, whitish, resembles a maggot with a small head, stays in the middle of an ant hill guarded by other ants as queen[ - Insect]
nyondonyondon. hammer; tool used for hitting or pulling out nails[ - Working with stone], [6.7.2 - Pounding tool], [ - Working with metal], [6.6.3 - Working with wood]
nyotanyotan. rank badge; small piece of metal that an army officer puts on the shoulders of his uniform to show honour[ - Police], [4.5.6 - Status], [ - High status], [ - Social class], [ - Military organization]
nyoobo(Var. nyooya) nyoobon. type of sauce prepared from beans and maize fried together[ - Prepared food]
nyootanyootan. 1thirst; the feeling of needing or wanting a drink Syn:lwaga, bijogomeera, rwanju, meero, murusi, ijani, kihika, mu̱koi̱jo, iroho, bicoko. [ - Hungry, thirsty], [3.3 - Want] 2Metaphor. craving, appetite, desire; excessive need for s.t. [ - Impatient], [3.3 - Want]
nyooyavar. of nyoobo
nyugutanyugutan. letter, character, grapheme; written or printed symbol representing a sound used in speech, the letters of the alphabet[9 - Grammar], [ - Write]
nyunze(Var. njunze) nyunzen. jigger; round white insect, without wings, that is in rubbish and catches people, esp. in the feet or in the toes[ - Insect]
nyu̱mbamanyu̱mban. house; building in which people live [ - House], [ - Types of houses]
nyu̱ngu̱nyu̱ngu̱n. pipe; curved hollow object that people use for smoking tobacco[5.2.4 - Tobacco]
nyu̱nyu̱u̱zi̱nyu̱nyu̱u̱zi̱n. star; celestial body that burns emitting light seen at night[ - Star]
nywankei(Var. nywankeenya) pro. yourselves[ - Reflexive pronouns]