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obaramu̱kyemu̱baramu̱kyeinterj. farewell; goodbye[ - Say farewell], [9.2.7 - Interjections]
obawonemubawoneinterj. farewell; goodbye[ - Say farewell], [9.2.7 - Interjections]
ofi̱i̱si̱ofi̱i̱si̱ English n. office; room in which a particular person or people work, usually sitting at a deskSyn:mbuga. [4.6.6 - Government functions], [6.1.1 - Worker], [6.5.1 - Building], [6.9 - Business organization]
ofi̱i̱si̱ gya mu̱ku̱rati̱ weihanga See main entry: ofi̱i̱si̱
ogoroobemugoroobeinterj. goodbye; word used for farewell when s.b. is leaving[ - Say farewell], [9.2.7 - Interjections]
ogyende kurungimugyende kurungiinterj. go well[ - Say farewell]
oicale kurungimwicale kurungiinterj. stay well[ - Say farewell], [9.2.7 - Interjections]
oi̱roho Runyoro conj. unless; besidesSyn:otoori̱hoona. [ - Condition]
okwetegereza?mukwetegereza?interj. understand?; a question to ascertain if s.b. has understood what has been said[ - Prompters of attention ], [3.5.8 - Interpreting messages], [3.2.4 - Understand]
olaale kurungimulaale kurungiinterj. sleep well[ - Say farewell], [5.7 - Sleep]
oli teetei̱muli teetei̱interj. ‘how are you?’ a greeting[ - Greet]
opozi̱i̱ti̱ English adj. opposite; as different as possible from s.t. else, e.g., hot and cold, heavy and light, etc.[ - Opposite]
osiibe kurungimusiibe kurungiinterj. stay well[ - Say farewell], [9.2.7 - Interjections]
osi̱i̱bi̱i̱temu̱si̱i̱bi̱i̱teinterj. beginning word to greet s.b. during the day time[ - Greet]
otoori̱hoona(Var. otoori̱ho) conj. unless; besidesSyn:oi̱roho. [ - Condition]
oweeni̱interj. you see[ - Prompters of attention ]