Lugungu - English


bilungo Runyoro n. 1spice; anything that is mixed into food to give it good taste or flavour, e.g., onions, tomatoes, etc.[ - Cooking ingredients], [ - Spice] 2chemical elements[ - Mineral], [ - Working with chemicals]
bilwalu bya mulimo See main entry: mulwalu
bindipro. some[ - Some]
bingahiinterrog. how many?, how much?[ - Question words]
binyaakukorwakinyaakukorwan. past events; things that happened in the past[ - History], [ - Past]
binyaakumalikaadv. ago[ - Past], [ - Before], [ - Tense]
binyoob̯wa(Var. binyoowa) kinyoob̯wan. groundnuts, peanuts; nuts from a plant that grows nuts underground, that are chewed while raw, dry, roasted, cooked and are ground into a fatty paste[ - Food from seeds], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
biragizon. beer; locally made alcoholic drink fermented from posho and yeast[ - Alcoholic beverage], [ - Beverage], [ - Drink]
biralin. poor eyesight; condition of the eyes that makes s.b. not see properly[ - Poor eyesight]
birangwakirangwan. beans; seeds from a climbing plant, from which the husks have been removed, that is eaten as sauceSyn:bi̱hi̱mba. [ - Food from seeds], [ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine], [6.2.1 - Growing crops], [1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
biribiriinterj. true, verily; for sure it is true, an interjection expressing agreement with s.b. who is speakingBiribiri ye leka na kuteera mpaka.xe It is true do not even argue. [ - Promise], [ - Trust], [ - Markers of emphasis ], [ - Reliable], [9.4.6 - Yes], [ - Certainly, definitely], [ - Sure], [ - Believe], [ - Confident]
biro byobiadj. recent[ - Recently]
biro na biroadv. forever, eternal, without end; existing or continuing foreverSyn:di̱ na di̱, ku̱ra na ku̱ra. [ - Forever]
bisan. labour pain; birth pain that a woman feels when a baby is about to be born[ - Labor and birth pains]
bisansalekisansalen. scattered things; items that are apart[ - Separate, scatter], [7.5.7 - Multiple things moving]
bisasalakisasalan. honey-comb; structure for bees in which there is honey and eggs[ - Food from animals], [6.4.4 - Beekeeping]
bisasala bya b̯uhooki See main entry: bisasala
bisasanyalan. slag; remains of smelted metal[ - Working with metal], [ - Smelting]
bisasirokisasiron. garbage, trash, rubbish; any waste that you throw awaySyn:bicuucuuke. [ - Garbage]
bisaab̯un. mud; clay soil that is soaked with waterSyn:itehe, togodo. [ - Soil, dirt], [6.5.3 - Building materials]
bisaanyuuzon. credentials[8.3 - Quality], [ - Expert], [ - Record]
bisigizi(Var. nsigizi) n. clotted blood of an animal or human being that is produced in wound[6.3.7 - Animal products], [2.2.5 - Bleed, blood], [2.5.3 - Injure]
bisoroorekisorooren. 1separate things; those that are each being apart[ - Separate, scatter] 2unique things[ - Unique], [ - Special]
Bitadwan. name of a person[ - Personal names]