Lugungu - English


bi̱nyaanni̱ndoki̱nyaanni̱ndon. nasal mumbling; speaking words that are not clear in a way that appears as if one is talking through the nose[ - Speak poorly], [ - Speak quietly]
bi̱ramu̱kyoki̱ramu̱kyon. greetings; words used to ask s.b. in order to know how life stands[ - Greet]
bi̱ryen. algal bloom; green substance that comes for a period, esp. in a lake and changes the colour of the water[1.3.6 - Water quality], [1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae]
bi̱si̱kan. larger crack than ‘nkyakya’ that forms on a heel from which blood can ooze especially during the time of the ‘ndaawe’ windSyn:bigaali. [ - Skin disease], [7.8.2 - Crack]
bi̱sondi̱n. yaws; disease that affects s.b. under the feet in form of a round red skin ulcers that makes walking difficult[2.5.1 - Sick], [2.5.2 - Disease]
bi̱teekani̱zi̱bi̱i̱rweki̱teekani̱zi̱bi̱i̱rwen. things that have been organised, arranged, or prepared[ - Tidy], [ - Prepare], [7.5.5 - Organize], [ - Prepare something for use]
bi̱tu̱u̱tu̱ki̱tu̱u̱tu̱n. braids; hair tied up in round heaps with threads on the head[ - Plait hair]
Bi̱i̱son. name of a town[ - Names of cities]
bovar. of baamu, boobo
boobo(Var. bo) pro. they[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
bya bi̱i̱ru̱ka See main entry: ki̱i̱ru̱ka
bya b̯uhangwa See main entry: b̯uhangwa
bya kipandi See main entry: kipandi
bya kudiiramu See main entry: kudya₁
bya kuheesa See main entry: kuheesa
bya kwerinda See main entry: kulinda
bya ndema See main entry: ndema
bya ndibata See main entry: ndibata
byabyopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byab̯upro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byab̯wopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byagopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byagwopro. its[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byagyopro. its[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
byakopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]