Lugungu - English


bba(Var. bbaara) mabba English n. bar; house or room where alcoholic drinks are sold[ - Drunk], [6.5.1 - Building]
bbahaasabbahaasan. envelope; flat paper container used for sending letters in[ - Written material], [ - Letter]
bbai̱bbu̱li̱mabbai̱bbu̱li̱ English n. Bible[ - Christianity], [ - Sacred writings]
bbaku̱li̱mabbaku̱li̱n. plate, bowl; round moulded metallic or plastic dish, concave at the bottom, from which to eat[ - Eating utensil], [ - Serve food], [6.7.7 - Container]
bbalu̱u̱ni̱mabbalu̱u̱ni̱ English n. balloon; small bag made of very soft rubber, inflated with air, esp. used to display in a house[5.1.2 - Household decoration]
bbambumabbambun. weaving needle[6.6.1 - Working with cloth], [ - Weaving cloth], [ - Knitting]
bbandeeji̱bbandeeji̱ English n. bandage; soft piece of cloth for tying around a wound[2.5.7 - Treat disease]
bbandibbandi English n. band; musical group[ - Musician], [4.2.3 - Music], [ - Play music]
bbangi̱ri̱bbangi̱ri̱ English n. bangle; rings that women wear around the wrist[5.4.1 - Jewelry]
bbankamabbanka English n. bank; institution that provides various financial service, e.g., keeping or lending moneySyn:ibiikiro lya nsimbi, kideeru kya nsimbi. [ - Store wealth]
bbarakaakin. Venus, morning star; extremely bright star that rises in the east when the day is about to break[ - Names of heavenly bodies], [ - Planet]
bbarazabbarazan. veranda; open front and a roof, built onto the side of a house on the ground floorSyn:tandaarwa. [6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [ - Wall], [ - Room], [6.5.1 - Building]
bbaraafubbaraafun. refrigerator; device that uses electricity or kerosene for keeping food and drinks cold[ - Cold], [ - Preserve]
bbaruhamabbaruhan. written message usually put in an envelope and sent to s.b.[ - Written material], [ - Write], [ - Letter]
bbaruha gikusaba mulimo See main entry: bbaruha
bbaruha gya b̯ubyalwa See main entry: bbaruha
bbaruha gya kusoma See main entry: bbaruha
bbaavar. of bbee
bbaabbababbaabban. ‘my father’; kinship term for father[ - Father, mother]
bbaafumabbaafu English n. wash basin; large round plastic bowl for holding water used as a utensil for washing clothes or used as a utensil for taking a bath[6.6.7 - Working with water], [5.6.4 - Wash clothes], [ - Cooking utensil], [5.6.2 - Bathe], [6.7.7 - Container]
bbaalubbaalun. ten packets of cigarettes[5.2.4 - Tobacco]
bbaaravar. of bba
bbaasimabbaasi English n. bus[ - Vehicle]
bbegeri̱mabbegeri̱n. leopard; wild carnivore that resembles a cat, with a long tail and black and brown spotsPanthera pardus [ - Carnivore]
bbenderamabbenderan. flag[3.5.6 - Sign, symbol], [ - Country]