Lugungu - English


fai̱ro₁fai̱ro English n. file; box or folded piece of card, often with a wire or metal rod, for keeping loose papers together and in order[ - Information], [ - Written material], [6.9 - Business organization]
fai̱ro₂fai̱ro English n. file, rasp[ - Working with metal], [6.6.3 - Working with wood], [6.7.1 - Cutting tool]
fai̱ro gya mpapura See main entry: fai̱ro₁
fatalai̱zafatalai̱za English n. fertilizer; soil nutrient that is put into soil so that plants grow more successfully[ - Fertilize a field]
feezafeezan. gold; precious yellow metal that is used for making coins, rings, etc.[6.6.2 - Working with minerals], [ - Metal], [ - Mineral]
firimbimafirimbin. whistle; instrument that is blown to produce a high sound in order to instruct or inform people about what is happening[ - Sports], [ - Police], [ - Prompters of attention ]
foadv. lots, very much, masses, heaps, piles; in large quantitiesSyn:b̯unene. [ - Many, much], [9.3 - Very]
foomufoomu English n. bench, form; fairly long seat for at least four people made of timber without a back[ - Chair]
fu̱ndi̱bafu̱ndi̱ Kiswahili n. 1tradesman[6.1.6 - Made by hand], [6.1.1 - Worker], [6.5 - Working with buildings] 2carpenter, woodworker, builder; s.b. whose job is making and repairing wooden things, e.g., tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, etc.Syn:mu̱beezi̱. [6.1.6 - Made by hand], [6.6.3 - Working with wood], [6.5 - Working with buildings] 3tailor; s.b. who uses a sewing machine to sew clothesSyn:mu̱su̱nga kyeraani, mu̱su̱ngi̱. [6.6.1 - Working with cloth]
fu̱reemu̱fu̱reemu̱ English n. frame; supporting structure of a piece of furniture, building, vehicle, etc. that gives it its shape[5.1.2 - Household decoration], [6.5 - Working with buildings], [8.6.6 - Edge]
fu̱u̱ti̱fu̱u̱ti̱ English n. foot measure; unit of measurement equal to 30 cmSyn:kigulu. [8.2.8 - Measure]