Lugungu - English

i̱bavar. of ibaawe
i̱coti̱macoti̱n. neck; part of the body between the head and the shoulders[2.1.1 - Head], [ - Parts of a bird], [1.6.2 - Parts of an animal]
i̱di̱nda₁madi̱ndan. xylophone; traditional musical instrument made of two rows of wooden bars of different lengths that you hit with two small sticks[ - Musical instrument]
i̱di̱nda₂madi̱ndan. pleat; one of the folds sewn on the front part of a pair of trousers coming directly from the waist[5.3.6 - Parts of clothing], [ - Fold]
i̱du̱u̱kamadu̱u̱ka Kiswahili n. shop; building or a room in which are things for sale that are displayed in shelves[ - Store, marketplace], [6.5.1 - Building]
i̱gwi̱magwi̱n. black or dark brown winged insect sp. with an extremely thin waist that bites and resembles a wasp[ - Insect]
i̱hali̱n. jealousy, envy that may culminate into malice and rivalrySyn:kimira. [ - Jealous], [ - Hate, ill will], [ - Unfriendly]
i̱hemahen. army; large organised group of soldiers who are trained to fight for the defence of the people of a given country[ - Army]
i̱hi̱ga₁mahi̱gan. battery; cell for powering small appliances, e.g., torches or mobile phones[ - Working with electricity]
i̱hi̱ga₂mahi̱gan. stone; rocky substance in the ground, often used for building[ - Working with stone], [ - Rock], [ - Foundation], [6.5.3 - Building materials]
i̱hi̱ga lya ndagali̱ See main entry: mahi̱ga
i̱hu̱lobi̱hu̱lon. foam; small air bubbles on water[1.3.2 - Movement of water], [ - Liquid]
i̱hu̱u̱zi̱mahu̱u̱zi̱n. thread, yarn; thin string of cotton, nylon, etc. used for sewing, knitting or from which a piece of cloth is made[6.6.1 - Working with cloth], [ - Weaving cloth], [ - Knitting]
i̱hu̱u̱zi̱ lya kitambaara See main entry: i̱hu̱u̱zi̱
i̱hwamahwan. thorn; small part of a plant that is sharp and pointed and can pierce[1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
i̱jalu̱bei̱jalu̱n. deaf person; s.b. whose ears do not hearSyn:pu̱ku̱pu̱, mwi̱jalu̱ wa mapokopo. [ - Deaf]
i̱ji̱ri̱n. 1vegetable sp. that is used for sauce[ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine], [ - Food from leaves] 2vegetable sauce that is somehow bitter[ - Food from vegetables], [ - Prepared food]
i̱jolomajolon. night; period of darkness between night fall and day break[ - Night], [ - Dark]
i̱jolo lya deeru See main entry: i̱jolo
i̱kaasyamakaasyan. large oar, paddle; long pole with a flat blade at one end that is used to move a boat through waterSyn:mu̱si̱narye. [ - Boat]
i̱konderomakonderon. royal trumpet; musical instrument made from bamboo that is blown into on special occasions of kings[ - Musical instrument], [ - King\'s family]
i̱ku̱hamaku̱han. bone; rigid hard white composite material that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates[2.1.6 - Bone, joint], [ - Working with bone], [1.6.2 - Parts of an animal]
i̱ku̱ha lya muntu See main entry: i̱ku̱ha
i̱ku̱mi̱num. ten[ - Cardinal numbers]
i̱li̱i̱si̱i̱ryomali̱i̱si̱i̱ryon. grazing land; place in which domestic animals are taken care of[6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields], [ - Forest, grassland, desert], [6.3 - Animal husbandry], [ - Animal eating]

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