Lugungu - English


jaagi̱jaagi̱ English n. jug[ - Serve food], [6.3.3 - Milk], [6.7.7 - Container]
jaajimajaajin. second-hand clothing, e.g., used shoes or clothes[5.3 - Clothing], [ - Old, not new], [ - Fashionable], [7.9 - Break, wear out]
jaakajaakan. jackfruit; domestic fruit tree that bears large elongated fruit that contain many seeds encircled by an edible soft fatty yellowish substance[1.5.1 - Tree], [ - Food from fruit]
jaaran. gambling; risking money for a game of chance, e.g., playing card games for money [ - Gambling]
jegejegejegejegen. coin; flat metal disc, used as moneySyn:ki̱polo. [6.8.6 - Money]
jeeremajeeren. White-tailed mongoose; wild animal, shaggy body, a long white haired tail, a long thin head, shut black legs and likes staying in bushesIncneumia albicauda [ - Carnivore]
Jinjan. name of a city[ - Names of cities]
jiraanibajiraani Kiswahili n. neighbour; s.b. who lives near youSyn:mu̱taahi̱, muliraanwa, munyaakitaahu. [4.1.4 - Neighbor]
ji̱gi̱jamaji̱gi̱jan. cow; mature female of domestic cattle, bigger than a heifer[ - Cattle], [1.6.7 - Male and female animals], [6.3.1 - Domesticated animal], [ - Hoofed animals]
jokooni̱majokooni̱n. kitchen; room or house in which meals are cooked or preparedSyn:ki̱cu̱mbi̱ro. [5.2.1 - Food preparation], [6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [ - Room]
Jooji̱ English n. name of a lake[ - Names of oceans and lakes]
joojolomajoojolon. evening, late afternoon; time between three pm and night -fall[ - Time of the day]