Lugungu - English


kabadamakabada English n. cupboard, cabinet; furniture with a door and shelves to store such things as mugs, plates, food, etc.[5.1.1 - Furniture], [ - Cabinet]
kabada gya nsimbi See main entry: kabada
kabadyen. very cold wind that rises from the southeast and makes the lake calm that is liked by fishermen[ - Wind]
kabaragalan. pancake; type of food made from a fried mixture of flour and yellow bananas or of flour, water and sugar[ - Prepared food]
kabin. 1danger; situation that can injure, destroy or killSyn:tabbu, b̯u̱lemeseni̱a. [ - Danger] 2tragedy, catastrophe, disaster; any unpleasant happening[4.4.2 - Trouble], [ - Accident], [ - Disaster]
kabindib̯ubindin. roof apex; part inside a house where the rafters join and the centre pole supports the roof[6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [8.6.2 - Top], [ - High], [ - Roof]
kabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyamakabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyan. dung beetle; black insect, with wings, a hard body like that of a certain mango flower eating insect and mostly likes moving while rolling a round object like a ball[ - Insect]
Kabi̱se(Var. Keebi̱se) n. personal name given to a child whose mother took a long time before conceiving[ - Personal names]
kab̯unumakab̯unun. one of a twin; child who has another brother or sister born at the same time[ - Two], [ - Multiple births]
kab̯u̱mbu̱n. dusk; evening time when the light has almost gone, but it is not yet darkSyn:b̯wi̱re b̯wa kampi̱ti̱mpi̱ti̱. [ - Time of the day]
kab̯u̱mbu̱b̯u̱mbu̱ See main entry: kab̯u̱mbu̱
kabban. yoke; part of a shirt next to the collar or of a gomasi that is the last part at the top[5.3.6 - Parts of clothing]
kabbagabban. pretence; pretending to make sensible decisions and give good advice or extreme self-will that lands s.b. into problems[ - Hypocrite], [ - Deceive]
kabbalamamakabbalaman. kingfisher; fish eating bird sp. with a long beak, that aims at a fish from up in the sky and dives into the water to catch it, hardly missing its target[ - Bird]
kabbambaasin. bare ground; small somewhat raised piece of ground that is bare of any vegetation[ - Soil, dirt], [1.2.1 - Land]
kabbangakabbangan. tobacco leaves that have already been preserved either by being spread in air or by being fire cured and are ready for making cigarettes or for smokingSyn:taaba, simonko; Syn:kutaaba. [ - Growing tobacco], [5.2.4 - Tobacco]
kabbaratu̱u̱ru̱makabbaratu̱u̱ru̱n. Yellow-throated lizard; animal that resembles a monitor lizard, stays underground with four legs, a long tail, blackish on top, red in the sides and a whitish belly, yellow in the throat and the lower jawGerrhosaurus flavigularis [ - Lizard]
kabbaarib̯ubbaarin. 1dance floor; open place, between the singers and the spectators, where people dance[4.2.4 - Dance] 2arena; open space[ - Sports], [ - Basketball], [ - Football, soccer], [8.2.5 - Big area], [4.2.7 - Play, fun], [ - Space, room]
kabbeji̱kabbeji̱ English n. cabbage[ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine], [ - Food from leaves]
kabbeemu̱lebubbeemu̱len. s.t. very bigSyn:kikooto. [ - Fat person], [8.2.5 - Big area], [8.2 - Big], [8.2.3 - Thick], [ - Big container, volume], [8.2.4 - Wide]
kabbeepule(Var. kabbeepulu) bubbeepulen. s.t. very thin or small[ - Short, not tall], [ - Thin thing], [8.2.1 - Small]
Kabboolwan. name of a place[9.7.2 - Name of a place]
kabbulusungubakabbulusungun. cruel person; s.b. who behaves in a way that shows no respect for others, often talking rudely[4.8.1 - Hostility], [ - Angry], [4.8.2 - Fight], [ - Hate, ill will], [ - Attack], [ - Cruel], [ - Violent], [ - Bad-tempered], [ - Oppress], [ - Act harshly], [ - Threaten], [ - Unfriendly], [4.8 - Conflict]
kacankab̯ucankan. sandbank; dry place in the middle of the lake with much sand[ - Ocean, lake], [ - Island, shore]