Lugungu - English


ma makabama makan. mother, housewife, female family head; woman who is in charge of all the affairs of a family and a mother to the children of a home[ - Father, mother], [5.8 - Manage a house], [4.1.9 - Kinship]
Mabaalen. name of a place[9.7.2 - Name of a place]
mabaalen. infection; disease in which a large area is infected and swollen which mostly attacks areas with strong muscles, e.g., a leg, thigh, arm or chest[2.5.2 - Disease]
mabi̱n. faeces; solid waste materials that s.b. defecates[2.2.8 - Defecate, feces]
mabyan. testicular hernia; disease that makes the testicles swell[ - Swell], [ - Male organs], [2.5.2 - Disease]
mab̯ugon. funeral gift; things such food, money, etc. that people bring at a funeral to help the bereaved people[ - Funeral], [ - Show sympathy, support], [ - Give, donate], [ - Bury]
mabbu̱u̱ni̱n. fish overnight; where you spend a night in the water and return the following morning[6.4.5 - Fishing]
mabbwan. lyrics; words uttered in singing a song that give the information contained in the song[ - Compose music], [ - Sing]
macati̱n. decorations; s.t. that makes another thing look more attractive[8.3.8 - Decorated], [5.4 - Adornment], [ - Appearance], [5.1.2 - Household decoration], [ - Beautiful]
macunden. decomposed, fermented milk that is prepared in a gourd in which there are no solid particles or butter[ - Milk products]
macwi̱n. chest pain; sickness of the chest and coughing that normally comes during cold weather[2.1.2 - Torso], [2.5.2 - Disease]
madarabamadaran. dunce, fool; dense, stupid, dull person who does or says things without senseSyn:mudoma, mwicate, mbuda, mu̱pu̱u̱ti̱. [ - Stupid]
madaara See main entry: idaara
magalin. middle part of a lake far from the shore[ - Ocean, lake]
magaru̱n. pliers[6.7.6 - Holding tool]
magelemuadj. upside down; a way of lying on the back part of the body while facing up[7.3.5 - Turn something], [ - Vertical]
ku̱gwa magelemuv. overturn[7.3.5 - Turn something], [ - Fall], [ - Vertical]
magendon. black market goods; smuggled goods; contraband[ - Smuggle]
magezi̱n. wisdom, knowledge, understanding, sense, logic; quality in s.b. that makes them do the correct thing or give proper advice[ - Mature in behavior], [ - Intelligent], [ - Logical], [ - Reliable], [ - Expert], [3.2.4 - Understand], [ - Sensible]
magezi̱gezi̱n. hypocrisy, deceitfulness; immoral character trait of pretending to have qualities, abilities, etc. that one does not really have in order to deceive others[ - Dishonest], [ - Hypocrite], [ - Tell a lie], [ - Deceive]
magiran. kind of sticky sauce made from beans or bambara nuts from which the outer coatings have been removed[ - Prepared food]
magi̱za(Var. mi̱gi̱za) mu̱gi̱zan. eggs of a fish[ - Parts of a fish]
magobaigoban. profit; money that a trader remains with after deducting the cost price from the selling price[ - Make profit], [ - Earn]
magosiigosin. testes; part of the body below the penis, with two testicles that produce sperm and are enclosed in a bag of skin[ - Male organs]
mahanun. magic, miracle, supernatural event; s.t. that happens in a very unusual way, is unexpected, or that was thought impossible.[ - Surprise], [4.9.4 - Miracle, supernatural power]
mahasa Runyoro n. twins, of humans[ - Two], [ - Multiple births]