Lugungu - English


nsambunsambun. idiom; words tied together meaning s.t. different from each of them when said individually[ - Figurative], [ - Word], [ - Saying, proverb]
nsandensanden. banana juice; drink that is made from the juice of ripe bananas[ - Beverage], [ - Food from fruit], [ - Growing bananas]
nsangunsangun. legal caseSyn:musangu. [4.7.3 - Break the law], [4.7.4 - Court of law], [4.7.5 - Trial]
nsanjunum. seventy[ - Cardinal numbers]
nsansansansan. thread-like palm plant used for weaving mats, bags, hats, etc.[ - Weaving baskets and mats], [1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
nsanyanyansanyanyan. natural gap between the upper jaw teeth[ - Tooth decay], [ - Tooth]
nsanyu̱sensanyu̱sen. groundnut sauce made from raw pounded groundnuts[ - Food from seeds], [ - Prepared food]
nsaagi̱nsaagi̱n. remainder; parts of s.t. that are left after the other parts have been used, eaten, removed, etc.Syn:nsigalira. [ - Remain, remainder]
nsehera(Var. nsohera) nseheran. housefly; black flying insect with two wings, does not bite except on wounds, mostly stays in houses and is attracted to smelly foodstuffs[ - Insect]
nsekunsekun. laughter; sound that is heard when s.b. is laughing[ - Laugh]
nseeri̱₁nseeri̱n. epidemic; disease that just breaks out in a particular area and rapidly spreads to many people[2.5.2 - Disease]
nseeri̱₂adv. across; from one side to the other side of s.t.Syn:taadiiko. [ - Across], [ - Move past, over, through]
nsinsin. 1earth; world; globe; universe[1 - Universe, creation], [ - Planet], [1.2 - World] 2land, soil; top layer of the earth[ - Soil, dirt], [1.2.1 - Land]
kya nsi gyensei̱adj. international[ - Country], [1.2 - World], [8.1.5 - All]
nsigaliransigaliran. remainder; part of s.t. that is left after the other parts have been used, eaten, removed, etc.Syn:nsaagi̱. [ - Remain, remainder]
nsimbinsimbin. money; finance Syn:sente. [6.8 - Finance], [6.8.6 - Money]
kudya nsimbi(Var. kwi̱ba nsimbi) v. Idiom.embezzle money [ - Dishonest], [6.8.9 - Dishonest financial practices], [ - Unreliable], [ - Tell a lie], [ - Deceive], [ - Cheat], [ - Steal]
kutamwo nsimbi hab̯wa magobav. invest finance [6.8 - Finance], [ - Store wealth], [ - Lend]
kutunga nsimbiv. earn [ - Earn]
mukwata nsimbibakwata nsimbin. treasurer; s.b. responsible for the items that belong to a club or organisation, e.g., the books of account Syn:mu̱bi̱i̱ki̱, mukeeto, mukwata nsahu. [6.8 - Finance], [6.8.7 - Accounting]
nsimbi zikusasulwansimbi zikusasulwan. bill; financial account [6.8.7 - Accounting]
nsimbi gya b̯u̱su̱u̱b̯u̱zi̱ See main entry: nsimbi
nsimbi zikusasulwa See main entry: nsimbi
nsimbi zi̱baku̱keeheeryaho See main entry: nsimbi
nsinsinsinsin. small thorny sticks that grow together forming a bush sp. with extremely thin leaves that shed a lot[1.5.2 - Bush, shrub]
nsinyansinyan. mosquito; insect that bites people and animals, esp. at night, sucks blood and spreads malaria[ - Insect]
nsisana₁n. similar thing[ - Same], [ - Like, similar]
nsitansitan. secret; word or opinion that s.b. does not want to reveal to anybody else[ - Known, unknown], [ - Hide your thoughts], [ - Mysterious], [ - Private, public], [ - Secret]
nsi̱mansi̱man. eye wax, sleep; yellowish dirty substance that forms on the sides of the eyes after sleeping[ - Eye], [5.7 - Sleep]