Lugungu - English


ndabi̱sondabi̱son. 1mirror; shinny piece of glass that s.b. uses to see his imageSyn:ndoorwamu. [ - Reflect, mirror] 2screen; large flat surface that films, movies or pictures are shown on, or a TV or computer screen[ - Visible], [ - Movie], [6.7.9 - Machine]
ndabi̱so gi̱kanyeetya rundi gi̱kakeehya See main entry: ndabi̱so
ndagalikandagalikan. crumb, fragment; very small piece of s.t. that has fallen off a larger piece[ - Piece], [8.6 - Parts of things], [ - Part]
ndagali̱ndagali̱n. rain; water that falls from up the clouds[ - Rain]
ndagaanundagaanun. agreement; understanding or a promise that you make with s.b., esp. in written form[ - Negotiate], [ - Covenant], [4.1.5 - Unity], [ - Agree to do something], [4.7.8 - Legal contract], [ - Agree with someone]
ndagiirondagiiron. 1direction[7.2.2 - Move in a direction], [ - Road], [8.5.2 - Direction], [ - North, south, east, west], [ - Way, route] 2map symbol[ - Map] 3address[ - House], [ - Map], [8.5.2 - Direction], [ - Way, route]
ndalandalan. desert; dry area with hard ground having soil that loses water very fast[ - Forest, grassland, desert]
ndayandayan. sharp arrow in the form of a hook used for trapping fish esp. Nile Perch[ - Fishing equipment]
ndaalandaalan. sleeping style; how people lie or sleep[7.1.3 - Lie down], [2.4.5 - Rest], [5.7.1 - Go to sleep], [5.7 - Sleep]
ndaawendaawen. type of wind that blows from the north that makes waves that flow very closely with reduced water volume[ - Wind]
ndeb̯uleb̯undeb̯uleb̯un. act of desperation; the last point of survival[ - Survive]
ndegendegen. airplane, aeroplane, plane; vehicle that flies in space, with wings and one or more engines[ - Fly]
ndeman. style of ruling[6.9.1 - Management], [4.6 - Government], [4.7 - Law], [ - Command], [4.7.1 - Laws], [4.6.4 - Rule]
bya ndeman. politics[4.6 - Government], [ - Politics], [4.6.4 - Rule]
ndemesandemesan. Bambara nuts; food crop that is cooked fresh, roasted, eaten as sauce and bears its fruit underground[ - Food from seeds], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
ndengeeti̱n. beautiful womanSyn:ndiile. [ - Attract sexually], [ - Woman], [ - Beautiful]
nderen. the act of producing many children one after another without proper child spacing[2.6.3 - Birth], [ - Fertile, infertile]
ndeerendeeren. flute; musical instrument made of a thin wood like a reed with a crack on one end where the player blows across while touching the side holes with his fingers[ - Musical instrument]
ndibatandibatan. transport, walking, motion, movement, transmission; action that makes s.b. or s.t. move from one place to another[7.3 - Move something], [7.3.1 - Carry], [7.3.8 - Transport], [7.2 - Move]
ndidyondidyon. wild herb sp. that grows among grasses to a height of 1.8m with a yellowish trunk and branches, whose bark is used for fibre[1.5.2 - Bush, shrub], [ - Rope, string]
ndimirondimiro Luganda n. farm, garden; land that s.b. is cultivatingSyn:musiri. [6.6.6 - Working with land], [6.2.9 - Farmland], [6.2.1 - Growing crops]
ndiilen. very beautiful and well built woman who is admired by many peopleSyn:ndengeeti̱. [ - Attract sexually], [ - Woman], [ - Beautiful]
ndiirandiiran. insect sp. that flies with a smooth glittering body and eats mango flowers[ - Insect]
ndi̱bondi̱bon. hole in which a fish hides in a lake[1.6.5 - Animal home], [ - Fish]
ndi̱handi̱han. deep water; middle part of a lake with deep water[ - Ocean, lake], [ - Deep, shallow]
ndi̱hwandi̱hwan. short drum; musical instrument made from a round piece of hollow wood on which is stretched a skin on both ends[ - Musical instrument]