Lugungu - English


ngiib̯wangiib̯wan. domesticated doveSyn:kolome wa kijungu. [ - Bird]
ngi̱gangi̱gan. desire that builds up to achieve an aim[ - Determined], [ - Ambitious], [ - Intend], [3.3 - Want], [ - Purpose, goal]
ngi̱ri̱ngi̱ri̱n. warthog; wild animal resembling a pig that has some of its teeth exposed outside the mouthphacochoerusgiri [ - Hoofed animals]
ngi̱rongi̱ron. refusal, esp. of food[ - Refuse to do something], [ - Manner of eating], [ - Reject], [ - Fast, not eat]
ngobi̱ngobi̱n. baby sling; cloth that is used to carry a baby[ - Baby], [ - Care for a baby]
ngolwangolwan. type of wind that comes from the west causing water to flow with fast moving waves[ - Wind]
ngomangoman. forest tree sp. that grows extremely big and very tall, out of which timber is made and canoes carved[1.5.1 - Tree], [ - Lumbering]
ngombi₁ngombin. place in which hunters have surrounded an animal that is hiding[6.4.1 - Hunt]
ngombi₂ngombin. horn; sound device on vehicles for calling people or informing people to keep aside[ - Vehicle]
ngonzingonzin. love, affection; feeling of liking and caring for s.b. or s.t. very much[4.1.8 - Show affection], [ - Like, love], [4.3.3 - Love], [ - Romantic love]
kwezegwa ngonziv. feel loved[4.1.8 - Show affection], [ - Like, love], [4.3.3 - Love], [ - Romantic love]
ngonyogonyongonyogonyon. wrinkles; folds on the body or on the face, esp. due to old age or due to having a gloomy face[ - Facial expression], [2.1.4 - Skin]
ngoonyongoonyon. lodge; hotel providing overnight lodging for travellersSyn:looji̱. [ - Visit], [ - Travel by land], [6.5.1 - Building]
ngootongooton. dugout canoe that is carved from a large tree and chiselled in the middle like a wooden plateSyn:b̯wati̱ b̯wa ngungu. [ - Boat]
nguconj. that; discourse marker used to introduce quoted speechSyn:nti, yati. [ - Markers of identificational and explanatory clauses ]
ngumira₁ngumiran. bonus; extra addition on what was purchased as an appreciation for buying[ - Add to something], [ - Extra], [8.1.4 - More], [ - Give, donate]
ngumira₂bangumiran. determined person; s.b. who has decided to do s.t. until he is successful[ - Determined], [ - Work hard], [ - Willing], [ - Brave], [8.4.7 - Continue, persevere]
ngunduadv. extremely large in size[ - Fat person], [8.2.5 - Big area], [8.2 - Big], [8.2.3 - Thick], [ - Big container, volume], [8.2.4 - Wide]
ngunungunun. gum; firm areas of flesh in the mouth that surround the teeth[5.4.4 - Care for the teeth], [ - Mouth]
nguranguran. cassava; food crop that is grown by stem cuttings, its leaves are eaten as sauce and its roots are chewed raw, cooked or dried and ground into flour for making poshoSyn:kingura. [ - Growing cassava], [ - Food from roots], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
ngurungurun. garden land where there are no dense shrubs that is suitable for farming crops[6.6.6 - Working with land], [6.2 - Agriculture], [6.2.9 - Farmland], [6.2.1 - Growing crops]
ngu̱gu̱ngu̱gu̱n. hippopotamus; wild grass eating animal with short stout legs, a heavy somewhat fat frame, small short tail, big head, a huge jaw, a hairless skin, and which rests in water during a day timeHippopotamus amphibius [ - Hoofed animals]
ngu̱ngu̱ngu̱ngu̱n. scaled fish sp. dark as an eagle that resembles a flying fish[ - Fish]
ngu̱ru̱ku̱ni̱(Var. ngu̱ru̱ki̱) ngu̱ru̱ku̱ni̱n. parasitic plant sp. that grows on the branches of other trees, sown by birds, has red flowers with a yellow head like that of a match stick[1.5 - Plant], [1.5.7 - Plant diseases]
ngu̱zi̱ngu̱zi̱n. 1corruption [ - Dishonest], [6.8.9 - Dishonest financial practices], [ - Bribe], [ - Deceive], [ - Cheat] 2bribe; ; money or s.t. that s.b. gives as an illegal payment so that he can do or get s.t. that he wants [ - Bribe] 3money given to s.b. for the purpose of betraying [ - Betray], [ - Bribe]
kudya ngu̱zi̱v. Metaphor.accept a bribe [ - Bribe]
kugaba ngu̱zi̱v. give a bribe Syn:kugula. [ - Bribe]
ngu̱u̱hongu̱u̱hon. baby bed sheet; sheet that is used to cover a baby[ - Baby], [ - Bed], [ - Care for a baby]