Lugungu - English


ngu̱u̱jengu̱u̱jen. rebellious person; s.b. who does not listen and does not take advice[ - Disobey], [ - Rebel against authority], [ - Stubborn]
ngu̱u̱mu̱mangu̱u̱mu̱n. 1boxing; game played by two people fighting each other with their hands, wearing gloves[ - Sports] 2blow; powerful hit or impact with a fistSyn:ntomi̱. [4.8.2 - Fight], [7.7 - Physical impact], [4.7.7 - Punish], [ - Attack], [2.5.3 - Injure], [7.7.1 - Hit]
ngweri̱mangweri̱n. falcon, hawk; wild meat eating bird the size of a big hen, with blackish feathers, that preys on adult chickens[ - Bird]
ngwetebangweten. maternal uncle; mother’s brother[ - Uncle, aunt]
ninghi-ninghiadj. tightly tied[7.5.2 - Join, attach], [ - Tight], [6.7.5 - Fastening tool], [ - Link, connect], [ - Rope, string], [7.5.4 - Tie]
ni̱ndooli̱mani̱ndooli̱n. black insect sp. with yellow legs and wings that resembles a wasp and muds its enclosure, e.g., on walls, trees, etc.[ - Insect]
njagi̱njagi̱n. eggplant; food crop with shiny fruit that very closely resembles ‘ntobbotobbo’[ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
njaahinjaahin. cannabis, bhang; very powerful narcotic plant that people roll as cigarettes or smoke from a gourd that makes them crazy with red eyes[5.2.5 - Narcotic], [5.2.4 - Tobacco]
njebenjeben. Defassa waterbuck; wild animal, with a shaggy coat, white buttocks, black legs, large ears white inside, white lips and the male has ringed curved hornsKobus ellipsiprymnus defassa [ - Hoofed animals]
njelemanjelen. fish sp. with scales, dark on the dorsal fin side, whitish on the belly and resembling a flying fish[ - Fish]
njenjeeraadv. often; several times; frequently[ - Often], [ - Regular]
nji̱ni̱nji̱ni̱ English n. engine; part of a vehicle that produces power to make a vehicle move[ - Vehicle], [6.7.9 - Machine]
njubanjuban. clotted blood of an animal that has been slaughtered and is eaten as sauce[6.3.7 - Animal products], [ - Food from animals], [2.2.5 - Bleed, blood]
njunzevar. of nyunze
njwahebanjwahen. weakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSyn:muceke, muhuuru, mpolongoni̱e. [ - Thin person], [2.4.2 - Weak], [2.4 - Body condition]
njwaran. dress style; way people dressSyn:ndwala. [5.3.9 - Style of clothing]
nkaadv. 1almost; nearlySyn:heehi̱. [ - Just, almost not], [ - Almost], [ - Approximate], [ - Most, almost all] 2like; similar to[ - Relations involving correspondences], [ - Same], [ - Like, similar]
nka kukili See main entry: nka
nka yati See main entry: nka
nkabbunkabbun. rude reply; negative oral response that shows no respect at all to the recipient of the message[ - Below standard], [ - No, not], [ - Obscenity], [ - Speak poorly], [ - Impolite]
nkai̱nankai̱nan. camel; domestic animal with a long neck, one or two humps used in desert countries for moving on or for carrying goods[ - Hoofed animals], [ - Beast of burden]
nkaka₁nkakan. Cape Pangolin; small gnawing animal, that resembles a rat, with an extremely short tail, covered with brown scales except the face and underside of the body which are whitishManis temminckii [ - Anteater, aardvark]
nkaka₂nkakan. bile, vomit; yellowish liquid that s.b. vomits when he has malaria[ - Stomach illness], [2.5.6 - Symptom of disease]
nkakamulukakamun. posho burn-layer that forms at the bottom of a cooking pan and is scraped off with a knife or a machete[5.5.4 - Burn], [ - Prepared food]
nkalirwankalirwan. 1creeping vegetable sp. that is used for sauce[ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine], [ - Food from leaves] 2vegetable sauce from a plant sp. that grows creeping along a tree or a bush[ - Food from vegetables], [ - Prepared food]