Lugungu - English


rabbamarabba English n. eraser[ - Draw, paint], [ - Write], [5.6.6 - Wipe, erase]
randamarandan. plane; tool used for making piece of timber smooth[ - Flat], [ - Smooth], [6.6.3 - Working with wood]
rangi̱marangi̱n. 1colour[ - Colors of the spectrum], [ - Color] 2paint, dye; liquid used for painting on houses, furniture, etc.[ - Dye hair], [ - Draw, paint], [ - Spread, smear], [ - Change color] 3coloured pencil, crayon; s.t. that is used to draw and colour pictures[ - Draw, paint]
rangi̱ gi̱syanu̱ See main entry: rangi̱
rangi̱ gya kinzaali See main entry: rangi̱
rangi̱ gya kisubi kibisi See main entry: rangi̱
rangi̱ gya mubiri See main entry: rangi̱
rangi̱ gyengu̱ See main entry: rangi̱
raati̱ri̱raati̱ri̱n. 1strength; ability to resist force or hold heavy weights without breaking or being damagedSyn:b̯unyamaani, rutwangu, rutege. [ - Strong, brittle], [2.4.1 - Strong] 2weight, mass; measurement of how heavy s.t. isSyn:b̯wozo. [8.2.9 - Weigh], [ - Heavy], [8.2.8 - Measure]
redyomaredyo English n. radio; electronic receiver used for listening to announcements and news[ - Communication devices], [3.5.9 - Mass communication], [ - Radio, television]
repootimarepooti English n. report, usually oral[ - Information], [ - Report], [ - News, message]
resi̱i̱ti̱resi̱i̱ti̱ English n. receipt; piece of paper indicating that goods or services have been paid for[ - Pay]
reefu̱ri̱bareefu̱ri̱ English n. referee, coach, sports team captainSyn:mu̱handu̱ wa mupiira, mu̱handu̱ wa muzaanu, mu̱sali̱. [ - Sports], [3.6 - Teach], [4.5.1 - Person in authority], [ - Discipline, train], [ - Expert]
reeki̱reeki̱ English n. rake; garden tool with a long handle and a row of metal points used for gathering grassSyn:lukookoobo. [6.2.8 - Agricultural tool], [5.6.5 - Sweep, rake]
rubajumbaju1n. rib; curved bone from the chest to the spine[2.1.6 - Bone, joint], [2.1.2 - Torso], [1.6.2 - Parts of an animal] 2n. side of s.t. or out of the way of s.t.Syn:kipandi, b̯u̱ki̱i̱zi̱. [8.6.3 - Side], [2.1.2 - Torso] 3adv. partly[8.6 - Parts of things], [9.3.3 - Partly] 4adv. beside[ - Beside], [ - Next to]
rubaju lu̱di̱ See main entry: rubaju
rubaju lu̱mwei̱ lwa lupapura See main entry: rubaju
rubaju lwa kintu See main entry: rubaju
rubambambamban. small hill, plateau; part of the earth a little bit raised like a hill but not as high as a hill[ - Mountain], [ - Plain, plateau]
rubangumbangun. 1handle, shaft; part of a spear that is wooden and is like a walking stick[6.7.8 - Parts of tools] 2rod, javelin; thin, long and straight piece of stick that can be thrown[ - Sports], [ - Weapon, shoot], [ - Fishing equipment] 3measuring stick[8.2.8 - Measure]
rubazumbazun. speech; prepared words to be said[3.5.2 - Make speech], [ - Talk about a subject], [ - Speak with others]
rub̯ugambugan. town; larger place than a village with many houses, shops or stores, where people live and workSyn:tawu̱ni̱. [ - City]
rufunfun. 1death; event of dying or departure from lifeSyn:b̯ugingo. [2.6.6 - Die] 2funeral, burial; ceremony that is held when s.b. dies in order to mourn him[ - Funeral], [ - Bury]
rugambungambun. rumour[ - Gossip]
rugangangangan. crowd; large number of people gathered together in a public place, e.g., at a sports gameSyn:kyecooko, lugologombo. [ - Crowd, group], [4.2.1 - Come together, form a group]