Lugungu - English


Sabbatomasabbaton. Sabbath, Saturday; day between Friday and Sunday[ - Special days], [ - Days of the week]
Sabbi̱i̱ti̱ See main entry: sabbi̱i̱ti̱
sabbi̱i̱ti̱sabbi̱i̱ti̱ Arabic n. week; period of time equal to seven days[ - Week], [ - Days of the week]
sabbu̱u̱ni̱sabbu̱u̱ni̱n. soap; foam-forming substance that s.b. uses with water to wash clothes or bathe[5.6 - Cleaning], [5.6.4 - Wash clothes], [5.6.2 - Bathe]
sadadasadadan. creeping sticky grass sp. that is common in gardens and in courtyards[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
sagamasagan. vulture; wild meat eating bird, with no feathers on the neck and head, with faded black feathers, a sharp beak and talons, which scavenges on abandoned carrion[ - Bird]
sagala musansibisagala musansin. wild herb sp. commonly found near homes that grows to a height of 120 cm with pods containing many seeds that rattle when the dry pod is shaken[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
sagaruhungu See main entry: saga
sahaanimasahaanin. plate; round moulded flat metallic or plastic dish, slightly concave at the bottom, from which to eat[ - Eating utensil], [ - Serve food], [6.7.7 - Container]
sajwamasajwan. 1fattened cow[ - Cattle], [6.3.1 - Domesticated animal], [ - Beast of burden] 2female animal that is infertile[1.6.3 - Animal life cycle]
salakamasalakan. chest; top part of the front of the body, between the neck and the stomach Syn:mbanda. [2.1.2 - Torso]
sambalanaadv. randomly; state of things being scattered haphazardly[ - Separate, scatter], [ - Disorganized]
sambusambun. vegetable sauce made out of cassava leavesSyn:combe. [ - Food from vegetables], [ - Food from leaves], [ - Prepared food]
Sambyen. name of a river[ - Names of rivers]
sandu̱u̱ki̱(Var. sandu̱u̱ko) masandu̱u̱ki̱n. 1suitcase; four-sided container made from timber, sheet metal, or leather, etc. used for storing things like clothes, etc.[6.7.3 - Carrying tool], [6.7.7 - Container] 2coffin; box in which a dead body is buried[ - Bury]
saahasaahan. hour; period of time equal to sixty minutes[8.4.4 - Telling time], [ - Time of the day], [8.4.1 - Period of time], [8.4 - Time]
saaha gya ki̱si̱i̱ka See main entry: saaha
saaha gya mukono See main entry: saaha
saarasaaran. prayer[ - Pray]
saati̱masaati̱ English n. shirt; garment worn on the upper part of the body, esp. by men, with a collar, short or long sleeves, and with buttons down the front[5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
saati̱kooti̱saati̱kooti̱ English n. Kaunda suit; set of clothing that is sewn a pair of trousers and a jacket that is split on the sides or behind[5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
saawesaawen. milk stew; kind of sauce prepared from fresh milk[ - Milk products]
sebbelemasebbelen. polyethylene sack[ - Food storage], [ - Bag], [6.7.3 - Carrying tool], [ - Store the harvest]
sefu̱lyamasefu̱lya Arabic n. saucepan; metallic household container that does not rust used for cooking[ - Food storage], [ - Cooking utensil], [6.7.7 - Container]
sekendasekenda English n. second; small period of time equal to 1/60th of a minute[8.4.4 - Telling time], [ - Time of the day], [8.4.1 - Period of time], [8.4 - Time]