Lugungu - English


tab̯u-tab̯uadj. unstable; being in a state of instability[ - Unsure], [ - Attention], [ - Change your mind], [ - Unreliable]
tabbutabbu Kiswahili n. danger; situation that can injure, destroy or killSyn:kabi, b̯u̱lemeseni̱a. [ - Danger]
tai̱matai̱ English n. tie; long narrow piece of fabric worn around the neck, esp. by men, with a knot in frontSyn:munigo. [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
tai̱pu̱matai̱pu̱ English n. typewriter; machine that produces writing similar to print with keys that you press to make metal letters or signs hit on a piece of paper through a strip of fabric covered with ink[ - Write], [6.6.8 - Working with machines]
takisimatakisi English n. taxi; small car or van that does public transport and is licensed to carry 14 passengers onlySyn:kamunye. [ - Vehicle]
talanta English n. talent; natural ability to do s.t. wellSyn:kisembu. [ - Can], [ - Expert]
tama Kiswahili n. greed; strong desire for more wealth, possessions, power, food, etc. than a person needsSyn:mu̱ru̱ru̱. [ - Lust], [ - Greedy]
tamaamutamaamun. salute; action of raising your right hand to the side of your head and stamping your right foot as a sign of respect, especially between soldiers and officers [4.5.5 - Honor], [ - Greet], [7.1.9 - Move a part of the body]
kukuuta tamaamuv. Idiom.salute [4.5.5 - Honor], [ - Greet], [7.1.9 - Move a part of the body]
tandaarwa₁tandaarwan. veranda; open front and a roof, built onto the side of a house on the ground floorSyn:bbaraza. [6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [ - Wall], [ - Room], [6.5.1 - Building]
tandaarwa₂tandaarwan. mosquito net[ - Bed], [ - Insect]
tanu̱u̱ru̱tanu̱u̱ru̱n. brick stack; well arranged heap of bricks[ - Working with stone], [ - Working with bricks], [ - Working with clay], [6.5.3 - Building materials], [6.5 - Working with buildings]
Tanzaani̱an. name of a country[ - Names of continents]
tarutarun. unsteadiness, situation of being unsettled; always changing places because of being busy on various activities[ - Busy], [ - Worried]
tawu̱lomatawu̱lo English n. towel; piece of cloth that s.b. uses for drying after bathing[5.6.2 - Bathe]
tawu̱ni̱tawu̱ni̱ English n. town; larger place than a village with many houses, shops or stores, where people live and workSyn:rub̯uga. [ - City]
taabataaba English n. tobacco; cash crop from which tobacco leaves are obtained for making cigarettes or for smoking in a pipeSyn:simonko, kabbanga. [ - Growing tobacco], [5.2.4 - Tobacco]
taadiikoadv. across; from one side to the other side of s.t., esp. when the distance across is relatively smallSyn:nseeri̱. [ - Across], [ - Move past, over, through]
taagumataagun. pancreas; organ near the stomach with a leaf like structure that produces a liquid that helps to digest food[2.1.8 - Internal organs], [ - Meat], [ - Stomach], [1.6.2 - Parts of an animal]
taamutaamu English n. term of schoolSyn:lusomo. [ - Season], [8.4.1 - Period of time], [3.6.2 - School], [ - Calendar]
taapu₁adv. exactly; used to emphasize that s.t. is correct in every way or in every detail[ - Exact]
taapu₂taapu English n. tap; faucet[ - Plumber]
taaramataaran. lamp; household property, metallic with a glass that uses paraffin to give light[ - Light source]
teetei̱?interrog. how?[ - Question words], [ - Way, manner], [6.1.2 - Method]
ti̱ki̱ti̱mati̱ki̱ti̱ English n. ticket; printed piece of paper that gives the right to travel on a particular bus, train, etc. or to go into a theatre, etc.[ - Pay], [ - Movie], [ - Fine]