Lugungu - English


wa mbabazi̱ See main entry: mbabazi̱
wa mbaganiza See main entry: mbaganiza
wa ngalu gitatiro See main entry: ngalu
wa ngesu See main entry: ngesu
wa nkoto gitatiro See main entry: nkoto
wai̱tu̱interj. sir[ - Honorifics ], [ - Markers of direct address ], [ - Title, name of honor]
Walu̱hoi̱zan. name of a place[9.7.2 - Name of a place]
Wambooli̱ See main entry: wambooli̱
wambooli̱mawambooli̱n. eagle; large wild bird with a sharp curved beak that grabs chicksHaliaeetus yocifer [ - Bird]
wampaka See main entry: mpaka₁
Wandagali̱n. personal name given to a baby boy born when it is raining at the hour of birth[ - Personal names]
wandaalamawandaalan. any bird that moves as the sun sets between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm[ - Bird]
wangepro. 1my; mine[9.2.3 - Pronouns] 2my brother; my sister[9.2.3 - Pronouns], [ - Brother, sister]
wankei(Var. wankeenya) pro. yourself[ - Reflexive pronouns]
Wankenden. name of a place[9.7.2 - Name of a place]
wanki̱ri̱banki̱ri̱n. intelligent, bright, wise person; s.b. who does or says things that are sensible[4.3.1 - Good, moral], [ - Mature in behavior], [ - Intelligent], [ - Reliable], [ - Expert], [ - Sensible]
Wansekon. name of a town[ - Names of cities]
Wanzalan. name of a person[ - Personal names]
wanzi̱ra anyweri̱wanzira anyweri̱n. tall grass sp. that very much resembles ‘matinde’ with thin sharp black points that grows annually and dries fast[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
wara-waraadv. rapidly, quickly; be quick in doing s.t. or to use little in doing s.t.[ - Move quickly], [ - Quick], [8.4.8 - Speed]
wayamawaya English n. wire; thin metal in the form of a thread[ - Rope, string], [ - Working with metal], [ - Working with electricity]
waabihaga See main entry: bihaga
waabi̱dooli̱ See main entry: ki̱dooli̱