Lugungu - English


zi̱gati̱mazi̱gati̱n. courtyard; open space that is partly or completely surrounded by buildings and is usually part of a castle, a house, etc.[ - House], [ - Yard]
zi̱nzi̱mazi̱nzi̱n. winged brown insect sp. that resembles a cockroach, stays underground in a hole and cries in the night while standing at the entrance of its hole[ - Insect]
zi̱zyemazi̱zyen. fish with scales that grows into a Yellowfish[ - Fish]
zi̱zyo(Var. zi̱zo) dem. those ones[ - Demonstrative pronouns]
zi̱i̱pu̱mazi̱i̱pu̱ English n. zipper; device used to fasten clothes, bags, etc. that consists of two rows of metal or plastic teeth that can be pulled together to close or pulled apart to open[5.3.6 - Parts of clothing], [6.7.5 - Fastening tool]
zi̱i̱ro English num. zero, nought; lowest possible amount or level; nothing at allSyn:bi̱nkahansyo, noono, nooti̱. [ - Cardinal numbers], [ - None, nothing]
zi̱i̱zabazi̱i̱zan. grandmother; mother of your father or mother[ - Grandfather, grandmother]
zovar. of zaamu, zyozyo
zoozivar. of zyozi
zoozovar. of zyozyo
zu̱ngwemazu̱ngwen. fish bowel; buggy part of a fish where eaten food is digested[ - Parts of a fish]
zyankei(Var. zyankeenya) pro. themselves[ - Reflexive pronouns]
zyodi̱(Var. zoodi̱) dem. those very ones over there[ - Demonstrative pronouns]
zyozi(Var. zoozi) dem. these very ones[ - Demonstrative pronouns]
zyozyo(Var. zyo; zoozo; zo) 1dem. those very ones[ - Demonstrative pronouns] 2pro. they[9.2.3 - Pronouns]

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