kusala2v1cut; use a sharp instrument to divide s.t.7.8.3Cut2slaughter; kill by cutting at the neckSynkukinja6.3.4Butcher, slaughter2.6.6.1Killkusala ki̱bbi̱lavsacrifice; perform a traditional ritual that collects the clansmen at s.b.’s family in order to sacrifice for the dead ancestorsSynkudya ki̱bbi̱la3.3.5Offer6.8.3.1Give, donate4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.8.4.3Appeasekusala misabivincise; cut the skin slightly using a razor blade so as to rub in local medicineSynkusindaga7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut2.5.7.5Traditional medicine6.7.1.1Poking toolkusalamuv1cancel an event; decide that s.t. that had been arranged will not now take place8. something6. an event2decide between different things3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.3.1Decide, plan4.7.6Judge, render a verdict3.3.1.2Choosekusalwavbe cut7.8.3Cutkwesalahov1Metaphor. disassociate; say or do s.t. to show that you are not connected with or do not support s.b. or s.t.Synkugungumarakwahukana 1kwebagaani̱akwegungakwenoba 3kwenuga 2kwesoroorakwetongoolakwezahula4.4.2.5Separate, alone4.1.6.2Set self apart4.1.6Disunity9.6.1.6Dissociation2Metaphor. dodge, avoid s.b. so that you don’t have to help them, deal with them or have a friendly relationship with themSynkwetoolaho bisolonbutcher; s.b. whose job is slaughtering animals and selling meatSynmu̱ki̱njaagi̱6.3.4Butcher, slaughter