mu̱ku̱rati̱̱ku̱rasi̱baku̱rati̱n1representative, councillor; s.b. who has been chosen or elected to speak or vote for s.b. else or on behalf of a groupSynngab̯wa4.6.6.3Represent4.6.1.2Government official4.6.6.2Diplomacy4.5.3.4Appoint, delegate2legislator, politician, lawmaker; s.b. who has been elected to represent the views of others4.7.2Pass laws4.6.6.3Represent4.6.1.2Government official4.6.6.5Politics4.6.3.1Governing body3king’s delegate; agent appointed by the king to form an assembly that debates for the kingdom4.6.6.3Represent4.6.1.2Government official4.6.1Ruler