kumanyiiravbecome familiar; know or get used to the condition of s.t., s.b. or of a place3.2.3.1Known, unknown4.1.3Know someone6.1.8Experienced3.2.6.2Recognize6.1.8.1Accustomed tokumanyiiranganavbecome familiar with each other; a social act that makes s.b. know the behaviour of s.b. with whom he is working or staying3.2.3.1Known, unknown4.1.3Know someone6.1.8Experienced4.1.7Begin a relationship3.2.6.2Recognize6.1.8.1Accustomed tokumanyiirwavbe familiar with s.b. or s.t., unknown4.1.3Know someone6.1.8Experienced3.2.6.2Recognize6.1.8.1Accustomed toku̱manyi̱ri̱i̱ryavtame; make s.t. or s.b. know or become familiar with the condition of s.t. or of a placeSynkworoora6.4.6Things done to animals6.3.1Domesticated animal