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museehumiseehunsauce from peas leaves that mostly spends a night on the fire to get dried5. from leaves5.2.3.4Prepared food

muto2mitonsoup; liquid that remains when the sauce is ready, in which s.b. soaks food5.2.3.4Prepared foodkwata i̱ku̱ha ku̱nolya mutovIdiom. exaggerateSynkuhaariiza 4kwongera

mu̱holwemi̱holwenfish stew; sauce from a fish that has slightly gone bad1.6.1.5Fish5.2.3.4Prepared food

mwi̱nei̱novar.mwi̱noi̱nonsauce or food scum; thick layer or cream that remains or sticks on the sides or at the bottom of a cooking pan, plate, etc. when sauce such as beans, peas, etc. have been cooked8.1.7.4Remain, remainder5.2.3.4Prepared food

ndwandwanposho; food that is mingled from maize or cassava flour5.2.3.4Prepared food

nkakamulukakamunposho burn-layer that forms at the bottom of a cooking pan and is scraped off with a knife or a machete5.5.4Burn5.2.3.4Prepared food

nkalirwankalirwan1creeping vegetable sp. that is used for sauce5. from vegetables1.5.3Grass, herb, vine5. from leaves2vegetable sauce from a plant sp. that grows creeping along a tree or a bush5. from vegetables5.2.3.4Prepared food

nnyeni̱nnyeni̱nsauce; food that is mostly cooked and left with soup in order to accompany other foods5.2.3.4Prepared foodnnyeni̱ li̱i̱ragu̱ru̱nvegetable sauce5. from vegetables5.2.3.4Prepared food

nsanyu̱sensanyu̱sengroundnut sauce made from raw pounded groundnuts5. from seeds5.2.3.4Prepared food

nyoobovar.nyooyanyoobontype of sauce prepared from beans and maize fried together5.2.3.4Prepared food

sukaalisukaalinsugar; sweet substance made from sugarcane that is stirred in such drinks as tea, juice, etc. sugarcane2.3.3Taste5. food

sunsasunsanpumpkin leaves or the vegetable sauce made from pumpkin leaves5. from leaves5.2.3.4Prepared food
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