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kutuura1vinfect, spread a disease; make s.b. sick2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

ku̱hi̱mbavfall sick, become ill; feel sickness in the body2.5.1Sickku̱hi̱mbi̱syavtake care of; look after a patient2.5.7Treat disease4. forku̱hi̱mbyavmake s.b. or an animal fall sick2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease


kyosi̱3nkwashiorkor; severe malnutrition in children2.5.2Disease2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation

mabaaleninfection; disease in which a large area is infected and swollen which mostly attacks areas with strong muscles, e.g., a leg, thigh, arm or chest2.5.2Disease

mabyantesticular hernia; disease that makes the testicles swell2.5.6.3Swell2.1.8.3Male organs2.5.2Disease

macwi̱nchest pain; sickness of the chest and coughing that normally comes during cold weather2.1.2Torso2.5.2Disease

mangootansleeping sickness; tropical disease carried by the tsetse fly that causes a feeling of wanting to go to sleep and usually causes death2.5.2Disease

mbenjambenjansyphilis; disease of the sexual organs caught by having sex with an infected person2.6.2.3Sexual immorality2.5.2Disease

munywereeruminywereerunHIV-AIDS; incurable disease that spreads by having sex with an infected person, blood, sharp piercing instruments, syringes, etc.Synsi̱li̱i̱mu̱2.5.2Disease

mutimamitiman1heart; organ in the body on the left side of the chest that beats supplying blood around the whole body2.1.8.1Heart2soul, spirit; inner part of s.b. that feels pain, the centre of human thought where true character resides3.1Soul, spirit8.3.5.1Nature, character4Social behavior3.1.1Personality4.3Behavior4.3.1.4Reputationkimala mutimanheart attack2.1.8.1Heart2.5.2Diseasekukama mutimavIdiom. be courageous; continue trying to do or achieve s.t. in spite of being in difficulty4.4.3.1Bravekukuuta kwa mutimavhave an irregular heartbeat2.1.8.1Heartmutima gubiibiadjbad-hearted4.7.3Break the law4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. against authority4.3.4.1Do evil tomutima kukuutanrapid heart beat2.1.8.1Heart

mu̱nanghu̱nmalnourishment; state of being unable to eat adequate food2.5.2Disease2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation

mu̱swi̱jami̱swi̱janmalaria, fever; illness that raises the body temperature and brings chills to the body2.5.6.2Fever2.5.2Diseasemu̱swi̱ja gwa binzaalinyellow fever2.5.2Disease

mu̱swi̱ja gwa binzaalimi̱swi̱ja mya binzaalinyellow fever2.5.2Diseaseder. ofmu̱swi̱ja

myozomwozonsore throat2.5.2Disease

ndugirovar.ndugiirondugironorigin, initiation, beginning, source, foundation, basis, inception; first part of a series or an activitySynntandiko9.6.2.5Cause8.4.6.1Start something8. gya b̯u̱seeri̱ndisease cause; sickness cause2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

ndugiro gya b̯u̱seeri̱ndugiro za b̯u̱seeri̱ndisease cause; sickness cause2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of diseaseder. ofndugiro

nseeri̱1nseeri̱nepidemic; disease that just breaks out in a particular area and rapidly spreads to many people2.5.2Disease

nsi̱mbu̱nsi̱mbu̱nepilepsy; disorder of the nervous system that causes s.b. to become suddenly unconscious, often with violent movements of the bodySynb̯u̱seeri̱ b̯wa kahungurakapu̱mpu̱li̱2.5.2Diseasemugwa nsi̱mbu̱nepileptic personSynmu̱seeri̱ wa kahungurawaakapu̱mpu̱li̱2.5.2Disease