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lupangampanganrim; outer edge of a wheel onto which the tyre is fixed7.

lu̱hagi̱mpagi̱n1main central pole, post of wood inside a hut that supports the roof6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.3Building materials7.3.4.6Support6.5.2.2Roof2spoke; radial piece that joins a wheel hub to its rim7.

lu̱jegerenjegerenchain; a series of connected metal rings, used for pulling or fastening things, e.g., a bicycle chain7.5.2Join, attach4.7.7.3Imprison7. of tools6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4.1Rope, string

mahembe ga gaaliihembe lya gaalinbicycle handlebars7. ofihembe

motokamamotokaEnglishnmotorcar, truck; road vehicle, driven by an engine with at least four wheels that is driven using a steering wheel to control the direction7.

mupiiramipiiranball4.2.6.2Sports4., soccer8.3.1.6Round4.2.7Play, funmukwata mupiirangoal-keeper4., soccermupiira gwa gaalinbicycle tyre7. gwa kubbakannetball; game played by two teams of 7 players, esp. women or girls in which players score by throwing a ball through a high net hanging from a ring on a post4.2.6.2Sports4. gwa kusambanfootball, soccer; game played by two teams of 11 players, using a round ball that players kick up and down the playing field4.2.6.2Sports4., soccer4.2.7Play, funmu̱handu̱ wa mupiiranreferee, coach, sports team captainSynmu̱handu̱ wa muzaanumu̱sali̱reefu̱ri̱ in authority4.5.3.3Discipline, train6.1.1.1Expert

mupiira gwa gaalimipiira mwa gaalinbicycle tyre7. ofmupiira

musaali gwa gaalimisaali mya gaalintop bar of a bicycle frame7.

nanga2nangan1anchor; s.t. that prevents a canoe from moving7. hub; the central part of a bicycle wheel7.

ngombi2ngombinhorn; sound device on vehicles for calling people or informing people to keep aside7.

nji̱ni̱nji̱ni̱Englishnengine; part of a vehicle that produces power to make a vehicle move7.

ntebentebenchair; seat with legs made out of timber or metal5.1.1.2Chairkatebe ka gaalinsaddle; seat on a bicycle or motorcycle7. ka ngei̱ncane stool; household seat made of cane wound around and nailed on wood5.1.1.2Chairkitebe kya mugwetencarved seat, used in a house, about thirty cm long with a round sitting part sat on by an heir during a succession ceremonySynki̱teerya5.1.1.2Chairntebe gya bisagunsofa; fairly long seat for two people or more, with cushions on the sitting and leaning parts, used esp. in a sitting room or an office5.1.1.2Chair

pi̱ki̱pi̱ki̱mapi̱ki̱pi̱ki̱nmotorcycle; road vehicle, driven by an engine, with two wheels and handlebars7.

pulaakapulaakaEnglishnspark plug; electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark7.

takisimatakisiEnglishntaxi; small car or van that does public transport and is licensed to carry 14 passengers onlySynkamunye7.

voolivovoolivoEnglishnvalve; device for controlling the flow of a liquid or gas, letting it move in one direction only e.g. in a bicycle tyre7.
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