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b̯usembekasembensplint; sticks that are tied around a broken bone2.5.7Treat disease2.1.6Bone, joint2.5.3Injure

b̯u̱teegwandisobedience, wilfulness, intractability; state of not listening to advice or not following s.t. you have been told to doSynb̯uhooleb̯u̱jeemu̱b̯u̱ku̱ngu̱u̱ni̱kati̱gi̱kyejo4.5.4.2Disobey4.5.4.6Rebel against authority3.3.1.7Stubborn

b̯weteekeri̱nunprincipled behaviour; conduct of s.b. who does not have strong beliefs about what is right and wrongSynb̯u̱matamaataari̱ 1b̯untwarwa3.2.1.4Stupid

b̯wi̱ri̱nmaize beer; alcoholic brew that is prepared from maize and sugar only5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

debemadebentin can; metal container in which such things as cooking oil are packed, also used for fetching water or for storing things6.7.3Carrying tool8.2.8Measure6.7.7Container

foomufoomuEnglishnbench, form; fairly long seat for at least four people made of timber without a back5.1.1.2Chair

gabberu̱nbad, evil, rotten behaviour or character that makes s.b. unable to listen, take advice, or grumbles when asked to do s.t. standard4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. evil towaagabberu̱ndisobedient person; s.b. of rotten behaviour who does not listen, take advice and who grumbles when asked to do s.t.Synmuhoolemu̱jeemu̱muzub̯unku̱ngu̱u̱ni̱ntahuurantamuhiira 2waakyejo4.5.4.2Disobey4.5.4.6Rebel against authority3.3.1.7Stubborn

ganduuraganduuranrobe; long loose outer garment, esp. that worn as a sign of rank or office at a special ceremony, e.g., coronation robes, priest robes, etc.5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.1Men's clothing

habakebeeranmedical examination room; place where s.b. is looked at closely to find the cause of a medical problem2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.4Hospital2.3.1.3Examine

hakati̱advbetween8.6.5Middle8.̱ b̯waadjintervening; time taken between one event to another event on the same occasion8.4.1Period of time8.4.7.3Intervalhakati̱ weihangaadjinland8.6.4Inner part1.2.1Landkyahakati̱adj1centre; middle8.6.5Middle2average; typical; normal8.1.5.9Average8.

hansi1adjlow; on the ground or not up8., below8.2.6.4Low8.5.2.5Down2adjbottom8.6.2.1Bottom3adjunderground1.2.1.5Underground4advdown; at a position that is not up8., below8.2.6.4Low8.5.2.5Down5advbelow; under s.t. or down the slope of s.t., belowhansi ku matakunbase6.5.2.6Foundation8.6.2.1Bottom9.6.2.4Basiskwi̱rya hansivdemote; remove s.b. from a higher position to a lower position on the jobSynku̱si̱ri̱mu̱ra status

hatakabbeeri̱hoadv1before, previously; s.t. that has happened earlier than another8.4.6.2Past8.4.5.2Before8. yet, until now; before it happens or before its time reaches8. yet

hi̱mbemahi̱mbenAfrican civet; wild animal that resembles a cat, of sturdy build, with a bushy body, short legs, a long bushy tail, greyish body with black spots and stripes and moves while carrying the head lowCivettictis civetta1.

ibegamabeganshoulder; part of the body at the top of the arm where the neck begins2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1Arm