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ihembemahemben1horn; pointed curved bone, usually in pairs, that grows on the head of an animal6.6.4.4Working with bone1.6.2Parts of an animal2witchcraft; a mixture of tiny pieces of horns and wood for the use of magic powers, esp. evil ones2.5.7.5Traditional medicine4.9.4.1Sorcerymahembe ga gaalinbicycle handlebars7.

irangamaranganspherical ball bearing; ring of small metal balls used in a machine to enable the parts to turn smoothly7.

i̱romberomaromberonassembly, parliament; place where people who have been elected to discuss meet together to decide or make laws for a place or a country4.2.1.5Meeting, assembly4.2.1.7Crowd, group4.2.1Come together, form a group7.5.1Gather4.2.1.3Meet together4.6.3.1Governing body

kabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyamakabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyandung beetle; black insect, with wings, a hard body like that of a certain mango flower eating insect and mostly likes moving while rolling a round object like a ball1.6.1.7Insect

kagoobeerondiscrimination, favouritism; treating one person or group in an unfair way with respect to othersSynkasoroorokatondo4.3.4Do good to4.3.2Admire someone2. a child4.3.3Love3., be unfair3.3.1.2Choose

kahembeb̯uhembenantenna, feeler; part on the head of an insect that is raised up like horns1.6.2.4Parts of an insect

kahookib̯uhookinhoneybee; insect with wings and a stinger that lives and works together and produces honey5.2.3.2Food from animals6.4.4Beekeeping1.6.1.7Insect

kakondob̯ukondonbelt loop; part of a piece of clothing in which a belt is fixed5.3.6Parts of clothing5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.1Men's clothing

kakonkontuberculosis; chronic disease that makes s.b. keep on coughing all the time2.5.2Disease

kakulumbeerub̯ukulumbeerunwild herb sp. usually growing on hard soil (e.g., ant hills) with tiny thorns, small leaves, yellow trunk and branches, and which has leaves that are medicinal1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

kanyamalyab̯u̱nyamalyansmall bird that shows where a bee-hive is1.6.1.2Bird6.4.4Beekeeping

kaputankind of non sticky sauce made from beans or bambara nuts from which the outer coatings have been removed5. from seeds5. from vegetables5.2.3.4Prepared food

kasi̱ki̱nday just before a special occasion such as a wedding daySynku̱laali̱ri̱i̱rya28.4.1.2Day

katebe ka gaalib̯utebe b̯wa gaalinsaddle; seat on a bicycle or motorcycle7. ofntebe

katebe ka ngei̱b̯utebe b̯wa ngei̱ncane stool; household seat made of cane wound around and nailed on wood5.1.1.2Chairder. ofntebe

katulubendeb̯utulubendenWild striped rat; small gnawing animal, that resembles a rat with many pale stripes surrounding a central dark one or with a single central dark stripeLemmniscomys species1.

kengerekengerenbicycle bell; round metal object on the handlebar of a bicycle that makes a ringing sound when hit by clicking on its button used esp. as a warning7. of sounds

ki̱bbaamu̱bi̱bbaamu̱ns.t. bent, curved or winding8.3.1.5Bend

kibbeebbebibbeebbenthin thing; s.t. not thick or not covered with much flesh8.2.3.3Thin person8.2.3.1Thin thingkibbeebbehonslightly thinner thing8.2.3.3Thin person8.2.3.1Thin thing