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kitebe kya baraamu̱ri̱ ba misangubitebe bya baraamu̱ri̱ ba misangunjury4.7.4Court of lawder. ofkitebe

kitebe kya bbootyabitebe bya bbootyanunedible mushroom sp.1.5.4Moss, fungus, algaeder. ofkitebe

kitebe kya b̯u̱su̱u̱b̯u̱zi̱bitebe bya b̯u̱su̱u̱b̯u̱zi̱nbusiness organisation6.9Business organizationder. ofkitebe

kitebe kya mugwetebitebe bya bagwetencarved seat, used in a house, about thirty cm long with a round sitting part sat on by an heir during a succession ceremonySynki̱teerya5.1.1.2Chairder. ofntebe

ki̱teebeerwe mu b̯u̱handi̱i̱ki̱bi̱teebeerwe mu b̯u̱handi̱i̱ki̱nrecord; information that has been put in written form3.5.3.2Information3.5.7.2Written material3.5.7.5Recordder. ofkuhandiika

kokotamakokotanbeach seine net; pulling net used in fishing that has a sack at the end6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing6.4.5.3Fishing equipment

kubandavbe possessed by a spirit4.9.4.2Demon possession

kubanzavcome first; be ahead of all other thingsKubanza obba osi̱ngi̱ri̱.To come first is when you are leading. front of8.1.1.2Ordinal numbers7.3.2.1Put in front7.2.5.1Go first8.

kubbavbe9.1.1.1Exist9.1.1Bekubba navhave, possess7.4Have, be with6.8.1.1Own, possess9.1.1.3Have, ofkubbahov1exist9.1.1.1Exist9.1.1Be2happen; action of s.t. taking place9.1.2.1Happenkubbamuvget involved; be one of the people who are in s.t.

kubbaabbuukav1become loose8.2.7.2Loose2become torn7.8.4Tear, ripder. ofkubbaabbuula

kubbaamavget bent, curved or formed into an angle so that s.t. is no longer straight8.3.1.5Bend

kubbalukavar.kubbwatukakurwatukav1be torn, have burst, exploded loudly due to much pressure from inside6., rip1.2.1.2Volcano2.3.2.3Types of sounds2spark; give out small particles of fire5.5.5What fires produceder. ofkubbalula1

kubbamuvget involved; be one of the people who are in s.t. ofkubba

kubbaratukav1be split, broken, separated, through force, into two or more pieces7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage2be cracked; get broken without dividing into separate parts7.8.1Break7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear outder. ofkubbaratura

ku̱bbegu̱kavbe fractured, broken; breaking of a bone or of s.t. extremely brittle2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crackder. ofku̱bbegu̱la

ku̱bbegu̱lavbreak, fracture; damage and separate s.t. into two or more parts, through forceSynkubbibbinulakubinya 1kwata2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crackku̱bbegu̱kavbe fractured, broken; breaking of a bone or of s.t. extremely brittle2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crack

kubbibbinulavbend, contort; force part of the body esp. an arm, leg or neck so that it changes its normal direction or bendsSynku̱bbegu̱lakubinya 1kwata8.3.1.5Bend7.1.8Bend down7.1.9Move a part of the body

kubbingibbalavget bent; become deformed8.3.1.5Bend

kubbogobberavar.kubbugubbiravspeak with pauses without pronouncing words properly3. poorly3.5.1Say

kubbwomokav1be poured; cause s.t. to be removed from inside s.t. else1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.1Flow1.3.2.2Pour2pour down with a lot of rain in a particular time1.1.3.3Rainder. ofkubbwoma

kubbyamukavar.kudyamukav1regurgitate; bring back up into the mouth food that has been swallowed2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.5.6Symptom of disease2belch, burp; bring up through the mouth air from the stomach2.2.2Cough, sneeze