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ngurangurancassava; food crop that is grown by stem cuttings, its leaves are eaten as sauce and its roots are chewed raw, cooked or dried and ground into flour for making poshoSynkingura6. cassava5. from roots1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

ni̱ndooli̱mani̱ndooli̱nblack insect sp. with yellow legs and wings that resembles a wasp and muds its enclosure, e.g., on walls, trees, etc.

nkaka2nkakanbile, vomit; yellowish liquid that s.b. vomits when he has malaria2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.5.6Symptom of disease

nkulangamankulanganFish Eagle; wild fish eating bird of a size of a big hen, with black and white feathers which flies near the surface of the river, lake water and harpoons with its talons fish swimming near the water surface1.6.1.2Bird

ntulegentulegenzebra; wild animal that resembles a horse and with black and white stripes all along its bodyEquus quagga1. animals

nundamanundanMarabou stork; large grey bird up to 150cm tall that is fond of staying along the shores, with a bare head and neck, a long beak, long thin legs and with a sac at its throatLeptoptilos crumeniferus1.6.1.2Bird

nyaabyongomanyaabyongonturtle; reptile with a shell on its body like a tortoise, lives in water and pulls its head, feet and tail into its shell when in dangerSyngeeriChelonia mydas1.

nyamanu̱ngu̱manyamanu̱ngu̱nporcupine; largest of all gnawing animals with quills as sharp as a needle that it raises in order to protect itself in case of attackSynseeki̱i̱seHystrix cristata1.

pambapambancotton; cash crop that bears fruit that splits open when mature from which threads for clothes are made6.2.5.4Plant product1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

pulaakapulaakaEnglishnspark plug; electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark7.

pyokomapyokonrhinoceros; large wild animal with one or two horns on its noseDiceros bicornis, ceratotherium simum1. animals

ru̱pi̱yampi̱yaHindinrupee; Indian money that was used in the past before Uganda got its independence6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8Finance6.8.6Money

seeki̱i̱semaseeki̱i̱senporcupine; largest of all gnawing animals with quills as sharp as a needle that it raises in order to protect itself in case of attackSynnyamanu̱ngu̱Hystrix cristata1.

sekokomasekokoLugandanturkey; large domestic bird, with a small red head, long legs, with a thin long swinging comb and that makes itself swollen in case there is danger5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chicken

zi̱nzi̱mazi̱nzi̱nwinged brown insect sp. that resembles a cockroach, stays underground in a hole and cries in the night while standing at the entrance of its hole1.6.1.7Insect

doladolaEnglishnUS dollar; English unit of paper money6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8.6Money

kibandwababandwans.b. who worships a traditional spirit that a family believes in1.4.2Spirits of things4.9.2Supernatural being4.9.4.1Sorcery

kyozo1byozonspirit, soul; spiritual part of a person believed to exist after death2.6.6.8Life after death1.4.2Spirits of things3.1Soul, spirit

muganiromiganironfirst harvesting6.2.5.1First fruits

muzumumizumun1spirit; that part of s.b. that exists after death1.4.2Spirits of things3.1Soul, spirit4.9.2Supernatural being2ghost4.9.2Supernatural beingkutembwa muzumuvMetaphor. be possessed by an evil spirit of your deceased relative4.9.4.2Demon possession

si̱ri̱ngi̱si̱ri̱ngi̱Englishnshilling6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8.6Money