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igwalimagwalinfuneral clothing, strips of clothing tied around a bereaved person’s waist, upon which monetary condolesce is wrapped by the mounersSynmukandala2.6.6.3Funeral5.3.4Clothes for special occasions2.6.6.5Bury2.6.6.4Mourn

ijoloberamajoloberanrobe, gown; loose flowing garment or outerwear, esp. a decorative garment used for official or ceremonial occasions5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.1Men's clothing

kibengabibenganfuneral clothing; traditional mourning wear made out of banana leaves, worn by women as sign of grief and bereavementSynkikakaati2.6.6.3Funeral5.3.4Clothes for special occasions2.6.6.5Bury2.6.6.4Mourn

kikakaatibikakaatinfuneral clothing; traditional mourning wear made out of banana leaves, worn by women as sign of grief and bereavementSynkibenga2.6.6.3Funeral5.3.4Clothes for special occasions2.6.6.5Bury2.6.6.4Mourn

kutiikiravcrown; ceremonially place a crown or s.t. else on the head of s.b. e.g. to invest them as a leader, declare to have graduated from a particular training, etc.5.4.1Jewelry5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.5Clothes for special peopleder. ofkutiika2

mugairemigairen1bark cloth tree1.5.1Tree2bark cloth clothes for special occasions, for both male and female6.2.5.4Plant product5.3.3Traditional clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions1.5.5Parts of a plant6.6.1.1Cloth

mugemigencirclet ring, made of either dry banana fibre or cloth material, worn on the head by women at funerals as a sign of mourning5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.3Traditional clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions2.6.6.4Mourn

mukandalavar.mukalakandamikandalanfuneral belt, a bereaved persons wraps around her waist, with a pouch-like compartment which the condoled person uses as separate storage space for monetary condolesce garnered off the cloth stripsSynigwali2.6.6.3Funeral5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.1Men's clothing