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gegogegondistinctively bad natural odour of spoilt or rotting food2.3.4Smell

ikenbody odour of aquatic vertebrates2.3.4Smell

ikulungunbody odour; bad smell as a result of not bathing2.2.6Sweat2.3.4Smell

iiko1nbody dirt that forms the natural body odour of humans2.1Body5.6.1Clean, dirty2.2.6Sweat2.3.4Smell

kaboobovar.kawoowobuboobonnice smell, sweet fragrance2.3.4Smellkyʼakabooboadjspicy; savoury2.3.3Taste5. food

kaloosabuloosaLugandangood sweet smell, perfume5.4.5Anoint the body5.4.2Cosmetics2.3.4Smell

kawoolenstink; extremely bad smell2.3.4Smell

kivundibivundinstench; stink, a very bad smell, e.g., faeces2.3.4Smell

kudimyavstink, reek; smell bad, give off an awfully unpleasant stenchSynkuduukakufunyangulika2.3.4Smell

kuduukavar.kudukuulikavstink, reek; smell bad, give off an awfully unpleasant stenchSynkudimyakufunyangulika2.3.4Smell

kufunya1var.kufunyangulikavgive off a smell, either good or bad2.3.4Smellkufunyangulikavar. ofkufunya1vstink excessivelySynkudimyakuduuka2.3.4SmellkufunyayovIdiom. escape narrowly; only just survive a catastrophe or danger7.2.6.3Escape4.4.3.7Survivekufunyiriryavsniff2.1.1.3Nose2.3.4Smellkufunyiryavsmell s.t.; inhale an odour with the nose2.3.4Smell

kufunyiryavsmell s.t.; inhale an odour with the nose2.3.4Smellder. ofkufunya1

lusun/body odour; distinctive odour that comes from sweat and is unpleasant2.2.6Sweat2.3.4Smell

luvululunvululunaroma of meat burning or being roasted5.

lwocololovar.lwocereryonaroma, scent; smell, e.g., of a burning thing or roasted beef2.3.4Smell

memonbody odour; distinctively natural body odour of rodents1.

muligonsmell of burnt food2.3.4Smell

nkalakirirenkalakirirenstrong smell2.3.4Smell