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kinyanyanzibinyanyanzinbright atmospheric array of colours and light visible in the night sky, esp. at the rising of the moon8.3.3Light8. source1.1.1Sun

kirawulibirawulin1lantern chimney made from glass8. source2glass; any kind of hard, brittle, transparent substance6.6.2.5Working with glass5.2.2.8Eating utensil2.3.1.6Transparent

kirundubirunduntorch; portable means of illumination, usually a piece of rope-like material woven from tree bark and either soaked in tallow or some other flammable substance and ignitedKirundu kya mugaire.Torch made out of a lighted rope made from bark cloth. source8.3.3.1Shine5.5Fire

kitaalabitaalanflash; light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam, used in photography8. source6.6.5.2Photography8.3.3.1Shine

kubonecavbe lit, illuminated; give off light8. source

kulikiravbe extinguished, burn out, blown out, of a fire5.5.3Extinguish a firekulikiryavblow out; extinguish; switch off1.1.2.1Blow air5.5.3Extinguish a fire8. source

kutangaalav1be lit; have some light8. source2be transparent2.3.1.6Transparent8.3.3.3Color3be dazed, bedazzled; have blurred vision, as a result of too much light2.5.6.5Dazed, confused2.3.1See4be shiny, bright, radiant8.

kuwaasyav1shine brightly, be radiant; have light8. source8.3.3.1Shine8.3.3.4Shiny1.1.1Sun2transparent; be so thin as to transmit light or allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen2.3.1.6Transparent8.3.3.3Color3lightning flash8., thunder8.3.3.1Shine

lutambi2ntambinwick; strip of porous material up which liquid fuel is drawn by capillary action by the flame of a candle, lamp, or lighter8. source

nfefeenyinfefeenyinglow worm, the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly8. source1.6.1.7Insect

taalamataalanlamp; lantern; hurricane lamp8. sourcekukwatisya etaalavlight a lantern8. source

toocimatoociEnglishnflashlight; torch8. source8.3.3.1Shine