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kirundubirunduntorch; portable means of illumination, usually a piece of rope-like material woven from tree bark and either soaked in tallow or some other flammable substance and ignitedKirundu kya mugaire.Torch made out of a lighted rope made from bark cloth. source8.3.3.1Shine5.5Fire

kududumukavburn, blaze or flare up fiercely or intensely5.5.1Light a fire5.5.4Burn8.3.4Hot5.5Fire

kugegeeravburn without a flame but giving a lot of heat5.5.1Light a fire5.5.4Burn8.3.4Hot5.5Fire

kulukuumavar.kulunkuumavblaze, flare up; be aflame, burn sharply and brightly, of fireSynkwemamula5.5.1Light a fire5.5.4Burn8.3.4Hot5.5Fire

kumeigeravsmoulder; burn slowly and without a flame5.5.4Burn5.5Fire

kumidiriryavsmoulder; flicker; flash intermitently; shine dimlySynkumodya8.

kumodyavsmoulder; flicker; flash intermitently; shine dimlySynkumidirirya8.

kutumbukavbe set aflame; break into a flame, of fire5.5.1Light a fire5.5.4Burn5.5Fireder. ofkutumbula

luyiranbush fire, or a place burnt down by a bush fire5.5.4Burn6.2.2.1Clear a field8.3.4Hot5.5.5What fires produce5.5Fire