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aakatiadvbetween; among; midway; therein; throughout; within8. the time8.5.1.4Inside8.6.5Middle8. aakati wavbe between, in the midst of8.6.5Middle8.ʼakatiadjcentral; middle8.6.5Middle

aamo naadvwith; alongside; combined with; mixed with; along with; together with; in union with; in conjunction with9.6.1.3Association9.5.2.2With, be with9.5.2.1Together9.5.3.3With (a patient), do with someone8. the same timeder. ofaamo


aatakainterjdo you mean so?; so you mean?; could it be so?

babevar.beprohis; hers9.2.3Pronouns


BadakaMudakanclan name9.7.1.3Clan names

BadewukeMudewukenclan name9.7.1.3Clan names

BadiiraMudiiranclan name9.7.1.3Clan names