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amage masendaswavIdiom. persuade, entice s.b. to take a risk alone and hence suffer the consequences3.3.2Request3. an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.3.5.5Deceive3. ofohusendaThe termites open the outlets for the white ants to go out and be eaten, while they remain in the ant hill
amagenderengait; way s.b. or s.t. walksAmagendere galaga gaati ali nʼekuusa mu magulu.His gait shows that he has jiggers in his feet.7.2.1Manner of movement7.2.1.1Walk
amagesinintelligence, wisdom; ability to understand, learn and make judgements or have opinions that are based on reasonOmwana oyo aŋumaamo magesi.That child is not intelligent.Pe amagesi hu biitu bino.Give knowledge about these things.4.3.1Good, moral4.3.1.3Mature in behavior3.2.1.3Intelligent4.3.5.3Reliable6.1.1.1Expert4.ŋa amagesivsuggest; give advice3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.7.4.1Legal personnelohwibira mu magesivIdiom. extort money6.8.9.3Extort money6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal
amagiginantrepidation; feeling of dread and horrorNi naweene amasi ŋa mere, naŋuliiye amagigina.When I saw feaces near food I felt trepidationOmutu anafa abaatu bali nʼamagigina mangi.When s.b. dies people feel horror.
amagon1household; people living collectively together in a house5Daily life4.1.9.8Family, clan2lineage, genealogy; people tracing their relationship from the same ancestor4., mother4.1.9.1Related by birth4.1.9.8Family, clan4., grandmother4.1.9Kinship
amagobaegobanprofit; amount of money exceeding that paid for the commodities sold6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn
amagumbaegumbanbones, skeleton; hard parts inside the body of s.b. or an animal that support it2.1.6Bone, joint6.6.4.4Working with bone1.6.2Parts of an animalehiŋamba amagumban1Idiom. interesting thing; s.t. that arouses interest4.3.1.2Meet a standard3.4.1.1Like, love8.3.7.7Right, proper3.4.1.4Interested2Idiom. suitable thing8., size8.3.7.7Right, properhayunga magumbanmedicinal herb; medicinal herb for treating broken bones2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plantsohukutuha egumbavget a compound fracture2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crackohwonga amagumbavset a fracture; align bones straight and set in plaster2.5.7Treat disease
amahahaapanability to do work6.6Occupation6.1Work2.4.1Strong
amahayanlack; situation of being without s.t. have
amahaananfemale adolescenceOmuhaana aba mu mahaana ŋagati wemyaha ehumi nedatu ko nehumi namunaana.A girl is in her adolescence when she is between thirteen and eighteen years old.2.6.4Stage of life2.6.5.2Woman2.6.4.3Youthohwita amahaanavIdiom. transition to womanhood by giving birth to a first child2.6.4Stage of life2.6.5.2Woman
amahaaŋanmingled thick millet porridge that is left over and sticks to the side of the pot and that is removed by scraping8.1.7.4Remain, remainder5.2.3.4Prepared food
amahenenenquantity of s.t. that has been sieved6.2.8Agricultural tool6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6.1Winnow grain
amaherebendeadvdawn; early time in the morningEnyuni jitandiha ohwemba mu maherebende.Birds start singing early in the morning. of the day
amahiribbanian1sorcery; use of magic powers derived from evil spirits4.9.4.7Omen, divination4.9.4.1Sorcery2miracles; things that are not usual3.4.1.3Surprise4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power
amahironprofit; esp. from trading or selling at the market6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn
amahosaadj1whiteamooya gaba mahosa ni gaŋumamo langi erindifeathers are white when they don’t have any mottled colours8. of the spectrum8. nga amaaji oba ameeno gaba mahosa ni gali mayonjoitems like water or teeth are clean when they are dirt-free5.6.1Clean, dirty
amahooseoluhoosenleaves; green parts of plants that make food for them using the sunshine1.5.5Parts of a plant
amahulunidiom; expression whose meaning cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it upSaaloma butereefu mu huloma huhwe, alomera mu mahulu.He is not direct in his speech, he uses idioms., proverbohulomera mu mahuluvuse idiomatic language3.5.2.3Figurative3.5.3.1Word3.5.4.2Saying, proverb
amahumi abirinumtwenty8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers
amahumi adaatunumthirty8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers
amahumi anenumforty8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers
amahumi ataanunumfifty8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers
amahuyuehuyunfruit of a fig tree5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plant
amajancracks in dry skin, e.g., in the heel2.5.2.2Skin disease2.1.4Skin