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abʼebeere eralaabʼebeere eralalanIdiom. sibling, brother, sister; people who were born from the same mother and sucked the same breastTutyo ni Juliana ba ebeere erala; bombi nyinaawe nje Florence.Both Tutilo and Juliana are of the same mother; she is Florence., sister

mboojoababoojoncross sex sibling; kinship category including for example all clans people of same generation and opposite sex4., sister4. ya bbaabbanaunt4., auntmboojo yangensister4., sister4.

muhulu yangebahulu bangenelder sibling; older brother or sister4., sisterder. ofomuhulu

mujiabajin1wife ’s sister; brother ’s wife; sister-in-law4., sister2sister ’s husband; wife ’s brother; brother-in-law4., sister

mukobakoLugandanbrother-in-law; used familiarly for men of about the same age and generation4., sister

mulamuabamulamunsister-in-law4., sisterohwehuuma omulamuvIdiom. stay well; keep yourself healthy2.5Healthy

muto yangeabato bangenyounger brother or sister9.2.3Pronouns4., sister

oluleraenderan1umbilical cord2.6.3.2Fetus2blood relationship; sibling relationship of the same mother4.1.9.1Related by birth4., sister

omuhuluabahulun1dignitary; important person; respected person; high-ranking personPulezidenti muutu muhulu.The President is an important person. in authority4.1.2Types of people4.3.2Admire someone4.5.6.1High status4.1.4.1Social class2elder, old, elderly person; s.b. more advanced in years than others2.6.4Stage of life2.6.4.5Old person4.1.2Types of people2.6.4.4Adultmuhulu yangenelder sibling; older brother or sister4., sister

owʼoluŋaliheabʼoluŋalihenbrother or sister of the same father but different mothers4., sister

wolulerabaluleransibling, brother, sister; people who are related because they have the same mother4., sister

wolunyalulalabalunyalulalansibling, brother, sister; s.b. born of the same mother4., sister