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ehicucuhiebicucuhins.t. whose colour has faded8., not new8. color

ehihaleadj1old; s.t. that is not newEnjala ya Lukunguula yaliŋo mu hiseera ehyahale.The Lukunguula Famine was in the old times.Sehuluwe gafuuye hale.His grand father died a long time ago., not new8.4.6.2Past2dried, e.g. s.t. dried by smoking1.3.3.1Dry8. food

ehihayireebihayiren1s.t. old, that has existed for a long timeOmuutu muhayire, ali nʼehyagi ehihayire hyʼemyaha ehumi.The old person has a ten-year old granary., not new2old fashioned thingOhwambala ewayikoti hihayire.It is old fashioned to wear a waist. fashioned

ehisafusafuebisafusafunold torn cloth fit for throwing away5.3Clothing8., not new7.9Break, wear out

ehisaahuluebisaahuluns.t. oldEhisero ehisaahulu sibabiihamo busyanu.An old basket is not suitable for keeping flour., not new7.9Break, wear out

ehiseseŋireebiseseŋirendilapidated thing; s.t. old and tattered esp. a woven container7.9.2Tear down4., not new7.9.3Destroy7.9Break, wear out

ehyʼemyahaebyʼemyahanold, ancient; s.t. that has existed for many years8., not new8. fashioned

ekayireekayirens.t. that is old8., not new

engoye enabuhivar.engoye ekanuhilugoye lunabuhintorn garment; clothing with holes through it5.3Clothing8., not new7.8.4Tear, rip7.9Break, wear outder. ofolugoye

ohufafaaganavbe unsuccessful, be a flop, fizzle out, collapse, come to nothing, fail completelyObufumbo wange wafafaageene hale.My marriage collapsed long ago.; bungle; botch7. s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outohufafaaganirwavspend without result; invest for no return; waste money on6.8.2.3Lose wealth6.8.4.7Spend6.

ohufafaaganiav1fumble; bungle; botchWange ofafaagania hi?What are you fumbling after? s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outder. ofohufafaagana

ohusahuluŋyavuse s.t. for a period of time and make it old6.1.2.2Use8., not newder. ofohusahuluŋa

punduhipunduhins.t. with a hole through it, e.g., clothes7.8.5Make hole, opening8., not new5.6.4Wash clothes

sesemuhisesemuhinworn out thing, e.g., a very tattered dress5.3Clothing8., not new7.9Break, wear out